Who’s the Helper-Healer Marketer really for?

Here’s an uncut conference call I just did to introduce the Helper-Healer Marketer program to Tim Sales’ subscribers. The call was billed as something for someone who wants to help first, and sell second. Tim has lots of folks like that on his list, too.

Now, just because you’re motivated to help first and sell second doesn’t mean there are no rewards.  Thinking that would be a giant mistake.

Remember Mother Teresa? She took in weekly stacks of checks for $50,000+, and cash, each week.  She wasn’t motivated by the money. She wanted to help others.  And people who believed in her, her mission and her product, gave it to her.

You can make a giant income as someone who’s motivated to help others.  The trick is to learn how to wow folks with the product experience you create for them.  Just like Steve Jobs does.

Enjoy the call.

PS I expect I will be closing the Helper Healer Marketing program to new members soon.  We’ve had a huge response and, because I’m doing live coaching for a year, there’s a limit to how many folks I can accept and help.

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