Who’s your most valuable audience?

How would you describe the person who represents your most valuable audience?

What specifically are some of the values and attitudes of someone who’d either buy your product or join your business?

I will start with 7 things I look for in a business partner or ER member:

  • Adventuresome
  • Unafraid to try new products and ideas
  • Doesn’t care what the Joneses think
  • Wants to have FUN doing the thing
  • Wants to make a dent in the universe, their own or out there
  • Is looking for a challenge
  • Ready to take on big obstacles.

What are some of the things you look for in a business partner or customer for your business or program?

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Kim Klaver


  • Decisive, mentally tough, open minded, owner mentality, business minded, aggressive, goal driven, high self-esteem, entrepreneurial

  • Kim here are some of the important qualities I look for in a customer or partner for my business.

    1. open to new ideas
    2. teachable
    3. reachable
    4. not afraid to say YES
    5. gives me honest feedback
    6. respects me for who I am
    7. See value in my suggestions
    8. interested in continued personal growth
    9. Looking for answers and results driven
    Lynn Rothfuss

  • My most valuable audience for my product:
    Someone with mindset that health is a blessing that you have to nurture
    Believes in supplementing good or bad diet.
    Isn’t a GNC shopper
    Does shop at Whole Foods and farmer’s markets or grows some of their produce
    Will and does buy higher end – better quality nutritional supplements
    Has a core desire to eat healthy
    People looking for easy way to detox (get rid of toxins) without a blender.

    Many more but this is the first 7.


  • A good question:
    I look for someone who loves the product since I do not want to have to talk someone into trying and continue taking the products. I look for someone who is teachable, open minded and willing to learn.

  • In addition to the things you mentioned, I look for people who shine with enthusiasm and a positive attitude.

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