Who’s your smart, focused audience?

How come my site visitors are not buying?

“I had 2,000 hits on my health blog this week and no sales.” Then she added, “I get over 200 visitors a day, but no sales yet. This is a lot slower than I expected. What should I do?”

Do you know who your visitors are? Were they just surfers who went right on to another site?

To survive the process of making money online, you must 1) realize that selling online is NOT easy, especially in this marketplace and 2) get out of the pure traffic play mindset. You need to be “in the race for a smart, focused audience. That’s where the real action is.”

So who is your smart focused audience? What are they focused on, that YOU are focused on? No, buying your product is NOT what anyone else is focused on.

What are you really juiced about you can write about, that is not selling your product? No one will come back if that’s all you do.

Are you a health nut? A juicing queen? A tennis nut? A time management fanatic? A teacher-type?

Build your blog based on your favorite interest. Word will slowly spread. Five readers, 15…Then keep posting and have patience. As in 5-10 years. You’ll get better and your audience will learn to trust you. And they’ll tell others who are passionate about the same thing you are, about you.

Eventually readers will trust you enough to buy what you recommend – in the area where you have demonstrated expertise and passion.

So keep your day job while you’re building up your empire on the side. Ask yourself: Do I love this enough to be in it for the long haul? Would I do it anyway?

If not, find something you ARE mad about. It’s the only way anyone knows of that you can stick with it long enough to get really good at it.

Good enough to really fall in love with it. And maybe even make some money with it.

P.S. Do you know who your visitors are? If you can’t describe them, chances are good they aren’t buying. When you can describe them, and they love what you love, that’s when the fun begins.

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Kim Klaver


  • Hi Kim,

    Happy 4th of July! Isn’t it great to be an American?

    Isn’t what you are talking about called “conversion”? Everyone still continues the search for the infamous silver bullet; event on the web. Since the numbers are so staggering, marketers seem to think that more traffic to their splash page will net them big profits.

    Speaking of ‘conversion’ makes me think of the religious side of things. I have met equally intelligent people with religious preferences that are vastly different. How profitable would it be to attempt to convert a Rabbi to Islam? Sounds silly when you put it in these terms doesn’t it?

    I am not as active as many of your readers on this wonderful blog, but just the same I have received a number of quality inquiries along with the usual garbage; since I began blogging last November. It does work and quality always takes longer.

    Great post, Kim! Thanks very much.

    Red, white, & blue blogger,
    Tom Doiron

  • We are network marketers right? So while getting zillions of people to your site seems awesome, most people, including your downline, can’t do that. They don’t have the patience to keep up with Google’s algorithm changes, nor feel like constantly manipulating the HTML or CSS code to get page rank.

    Most MLMers CAN write about their passions and develop followings.

    Even online marketing must be duplicatable. Be creative in how you get people to your site. There’s more than one way to build traffic.

    Karen Miner Hurd
    MLM Maniac

  • I’m no expert on blogging – I learn something new everyday.
    I started my blog about 9 months ago. I didn’t know a thing about blogs and getting readers. Over a few months I picked up tips here and there and a few regular readers. I am kind of weird about how I manage my blog. I don’t do any link referrals, still don’t know a lot about the sites like Digg and all the social networking sites. There’s nothing wrong with these things, I would just rather have all the right kind of readers. I don’t have huge numbers of daily visitors but I have targeted readers. I’ve had one day where I got 650 blog hits and no sales. I wasn’t bummed about it because the post was entertaining to 650 people.

    The visitors who have found my blog and become customers are the types that want to eat real food, want to know what real food does for health, they are looking for things that are different and sometimes weird, like a post I did about foods that help or hurt nicotine cravings. I love writing “unusual” and tossing surprises out there.

    I have health nuts reading but mostly they are average folks who want to make some changes related to their health or keep the good health they have. These are people who take a daily vitamin and are learning that vitamins, like food, are not created equally.

    It takes time for them to trust me – but not always. Some folks have ordered the first time they visited my blog – this is not the norm but it does happen.

    I know it’s about trust to get people to come back to a blog and eventually buy. My blog focus is not about selling my product(s). It is just me and whatever food or health topic I find interesting to write about.

    It takes time to build trust, there are so many other great products and services online so what makes yours better? Be patient – build trust – be passionate about your thing – focus on your thing.

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