"Why would I buy from you? YOU don’t look healthy yourself."

Does your appearance interfere with your sales?

Last year we had quite a controversy when I reported a comment an old friend of mine made earlier that year. I’d taken her to a local meeting of one of the big mlm nutrition companies.

Several thousand reps were in attendance to learn more about the science behind their products. After mixing with folks around the main auditorium, and meeting a dozen or so people I knew, she asked me:

“Kim, these people don’t look healthy to me. They’re mostly overweight, they look tired, their skin doesn’t have a healthy glow. Why would anyone follow their advice on health supplements when they look so unhealthy themselves?”

Ouch. Was she wrong to judge?

Wrong or not, we size up others in a Blink, says Malcolm Gladwell. While we may not like being judged, and even strive NOT to do it, judging others seems to be part of our culture.

But here’s the really bad part for network marketers. If you are selling health, energy and weight loss products, you are held to a much higher standard. Because you are selling health.

Why should anyone take your advice,much less buy from you, if you don’t exemplify what you are selling?

Of course, the other person won’t say anything to you. They just smile and pass. Would you buy a $350 tennis racquet from a clerk who doesn’t play tennis?

If you believe you may be losing sales because your appearance doesn’t exemplify what you are selling, i.e. if you are not the picture of health and energy, here are two options.

1. Learn to reframe their knee-jerk (but natural) reaction instantly, by letting them know you’ve just gotten started on this new weight loss program yourself, and you’ve already lost X pounds…(I can do a call on this topic) AND/OR

2. Start on a new eating program. And I do mean new. NOT the worn out calorie counting. That just made people hungry and irritable. And they’re still overweight.

I hesitated, but decided to take the plunge: I’m introducing the new Extreme Regime four week eating program given by a nutritionist and nutrition professor I’ve known for 30 years. I filmed her 8 week nutrition program this Spring, and was so surprised and impressed at what I learned that I’ve decided to offer her new four week Extreme Regime eating program to readers here, in case.

Extreme Regime is starting in July, right after the 4th. If you’d like to know more about this unusual program, sign up here for the Extreme Regime Priority Notification list.

This is the only notice I will post on this blog about this program. All the info and good stuff will go to those on the Extreme Regime Priority Notification list. This SAT is the first call, and it will be announced to Extreme Regime list members.

NOTE: any list requires that you sign up AND then CONFIRM. So after you sign up, look in your email box for the CONFIRMATION email. Open that, and click on the link inside. Else you will not get the info.

Disclosure: The nutritionist/professor offering this program is also the person who designed the whole food multi which is marketed by a company I own a stake in. The nutrition program I’m introducing here represents a life of study and practice for her, over 25 years, and that’s what is being offered in this new four week program. Everyone who wants to try something different to take charge of their weight is welcome. You will be safe. No recruiting allowed.

Lulu just heard Nellie’s presentation at Starbucks. As she walks to her car after, she wonders, “If that product’s so great, why isn’t it working for her?”

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Kim Klaver


  • I agree Kim, I have been on the other side of that scenario looking at someone representing a product, frankly, not looking like a ‘representative’ of a product…

    Like a skin care rep with poor skin or a make up rep who does not wear make-up… You truly do need to be a product of your product no matter what it is…

    Even if it’s not a health or wellness product, you still have to maintain a level of being tidy for the most part.

    One person sloppily dressed in sweats certainly may not sell as much as someone in jeans and a crisp logo t-shirt.

    Even on that note, some products exude even more with a corporate casual attire.

    However, again back to health and wellness. If someone could explain to me that they had

    1) lost weight
    2) cleared their skin
    3) improved a skin condition
    4) improved health that was noted by their personal doctor

    etc..etc… that certainly would be a plus for them!

    In that situation I personally would explain, in advance, to my guest…

    “At the meeting this evening you will see a variety of success stories at various stages of success. Many people come into our company because they believe in the product and are users of the product themselves. Many are works of art in progress. Notice now, and if you choose, notice the difference at meetings in the future. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!”

    By prepping them mentally they surely will get the picture and project an image into the future as someone they see who is overweight now, may have been 10# heavier last month or 20# heavier the month before that.

    However…if I saw someone at the top of the program, who looked ill and overweight, who was a multi millionaire in the company that certainly would turn me off.

    I want to see products of products, not people making millions for ‘being at the top’ as that just makes me suspicious of the program.

    Alethea Anderson

  • This is true not just in selling MLM products, but in business and medicine as well.

    I worked for well known plastic surgeon, who to be honest, looked like he could use a turn on the O.R. table himself. I often wondered if he really saw himself and what the prospective patients thought as they sat looking at him from the other side of the desk.

    One day he came in and announced he would be off work the next week as he was flying out of state to have a total face lift.

    It seems to me that whether it is vitamins, business or surgery it pays to live what you sell.

  • when i joined my NM company i was a fat smoker. i have since then lost 45 lbs. with the help of our products, which of course makes it easier to sell. my friends who knew me before and saw me after approched me themselves “make them come to you!” and people who don’t know me can see a set of clothes i wore when i was “at my best” LOL.
    as far as integrity is concerned, i have for this reason also quit smoking. so double benefit there 🙂

  • Kim my first thought about this was related to pets. I would NEVER buy pet related products from someone that had dogs or cats in bad condition. I do market a healthy dog and cat food and I do have pets in very good condition. My sweet Tara, the dog I’ve writen about often died 15 days after her 18th birthday, it’s not an accident she lived with for over 18 years.

    I also market a nutritional product and think more about food than I ever did before. If you could look in someone’s kitchen to see what they really eat maybe it would help to know if you would buy from them. If they don’t look the way you think they should but you could see the food they eat I think it would make a difference, at least it would for me. I know this is impossible – just some food for thought.

    Thanks for sharing


  • We humans do make judgements about others and it is part of our makeup. We follow our hunches and “gut feelings” and it sometimes keeps us alive. I want to do business with someone who believes in the product. If they do not think it necessary to take the product, why should I? If they don’t have enough self worth to look and act successful, then why should I give them the benefit of the doubt.

    We need to clean up the MLM and give it more credibility, and we need to start with ourselves.

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