Woke up to $1,900 in commissions…

Grateful PeanutsFeeling grateful.

What’s not to love about waking up to THAT?

What’s really sweet? I had NOTHING to do with it…and
the person (I don’t even know yet) is ecstatic with
the stellar online educational programs she just bought.

What could be better than that?

PS I’ve passed the quarter million dollar mark in
earnings with EN in 16 months, working it part time
($252,759.89 as of this moment).

I love teaching and coaching and – educational programs
are what I get to market. (Got my Masters at Harvard in Teaching.

Finally a match between my education and what I’m doing…)

PPS You realize my results came because I am totally
one of a kind, unique, different, completely not duplicable,
a Mensa member, have reddish hair, blue eyes, and was born
with a big giant list of thousands. Plus I came out of the
chute with complete and total knowledge of online marketing
and I’m a grey beret as well.

So don’t even THINK about it…

PPS If you love learning and leveling up like I do, check out
my new Private Preschool for Top Producers here…

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