"Woman: Do you make these mistakes in your network marketing business?"

Here’s from John Milton Fogg, one of network marketing’s best known supporters and thinkers, about what we’re doing here with this blog. He wrote this to his followers and subscribers around the world, today.

“Women: Do you make these mistakes in your network marketing business…?

– You’ve been trying to do the business LIKE A MAN.

– You’re running around offering the business
opportunity to your prospects LIKE A MAN.

– You tell people about all the technical and
scientific features of your products LIKE A MAN.

– You’ve been taught to push for the “appointment”
and go for the “close” LIKE A MAN.

– You’ve been trying to “recruit, recruit, recruit”

Want to start SUCCEEDING in your business

Here’s How…. M-L-M FOR WOMEN ONLY. Per Kim Klaver.

Network Marketing is 80 percent FEMALE! and, 85
percent of all the participants are Part-Time. Yet, 98
percent of all the training, techniques, tools and
even the comp plans are geared to Full-Time, Men!

Ready for a change…? Something YOU, as a Woman,
can truly relate to… be Competent and Confident
and Comfortable doing…?

Then, do these two things (FOR YOU), please:

Go to this website and read Kim Klaver’s Blog…”


He adds:

“Kim is filling a CRYING NEED in this business.
Struggling in Network Marketing IS a gender thing!

If you’ve been making the mistakes that come from
trying to do this business like 95+ percent of the
leaders and trainers WHO ARE MEN have been
teaching… it’s time FOR YOU to Do It Differently…

M-L-M For Women Only. It’s about time!”

Thanks, John!! Visit John Milton Fogg here John’s site here

He is referring to the new For Women Only class that starts May 16, 6 weeks. Monday nights.

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