"Should I lead with the product or the business?" she asked

It depends entirely on you and what YOU feel the most confident doing.

Do NOT decide this based on what you think will bring you the most money, or what your sponsor is telling you to do. Do what goes with you. And that will change as you begin to succeed.

If you really like the products, and you are leaning towards getting new customers, start there. Figure out how much they’ll pay you for each steady customer you bring in (of course that depends on her order – which products and how much) and determine to get the number of customers to meet that first goal, say $150/mo regular income.

By the way, set income goals that YOU believe you can achieve in 90-120 days with customers, and then for 12 months out, so you don’t give up on yourself too soon. It takes a while to get those initial customers hooked on the products like you are. You need to find like-minded women. Remember “everyone will NOT want this” the way you do, anymore than every women drives the same car or shops at the same stores in town.

If you are really sold on the business model – getting customers and finding others to do that same thing, and you want a sales rep or two to work with, you can start there.

There are two risks here: 1) There are WAY FEWER people who want to sell a good product than there are customers for it, so you’ll come up empty most of the time; and 2)If you have no regular customers of your own yet when you approach someone else with the idea of earning income by getting customers, you will have to deal with the question, “Well, how many customers do you have already?”

Unless you are a successful business person with a sphere of influence of other business people, I’d suggest you start by getting yourself 10 or so regular customers first, people who are NOT also sales reps. That will validate the products for you – namely that they’re good enough for people to buy who are not also distributors for the company. That is a VERY big thing to the rest of the world.

If you follow this plan, then, if you want to show your business plan to a prospective sales rep, you will have something concrete to show her – your own 10 (or more) customers giving you say, $100/mo in income already (assuming you earn $10/each on their orders).

Wouldn’t that be a comfortable way to begin a discussion with a woman who is interested in some mad money, or maybe a career change, with your business?

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