"You can either be cheapest or the best…"

Item 8 on Hugh’s list the other day…

He adds “I know which one I’d rather be.”

Which one would you rather be?

How do you see yourself with your product or business?

A walking mini-WalMart or a walking mini-Gucci’s?

If it’s WalMart you’re competing with (cheapest), you’re in for a tough time. They can make anything cheaper than any network marketing company can. One reason’s just the sheer volume they do and the supplier discounts they get because of it.

That leaves “best.”

Much smaller market. Wal-Mart has a way bigger number of shoppers than Gucci. Those shoppers are also way less discriminating with what they buy there than Gucci shoppers are.

“Best” is for people who discriminate. People who CARE about what they’re buying. And that’s not for everything.

Best is for when something really matters – your child’s education, your linens, your organic produce, your supplements, that special tennis racquet, the private dance lessons, or that must-have iPod.

Different things matter to different people. There are cheapest and best in all product and service types. It all depends on what matters to – ahem – you.

Here’s how to tell if you should be cheapest or best:

1. Is your product specially formulated by people who wanted to create a “best” something?

2. Do you think they succeeded, based on your own experience with it?

3. Is it priced higher than a cheaper version?

You’ve passed the best test

Now to market the best…

Ask around for people who also seek the best for your kind of product (or service) – Gucci shoppers for your thing.

P.S. Besides a (usually) higher price, best is also “someone dependent” and has other qualities too. E.g. a well formulated product that is ALSO natural, non-toxic, hand picked, easy to swallow, etc. There is a REASON for the higher price, and those reasons define a little market niche for a product – people who share those values and will pay more to get it that way.

So start with YOURSELF and list the “why’s” that make you love your product. The more specific, the better. That will help you find others with the same values, because you can ask around for people like you.

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Kim Klaver


  • I would rather be the best in whatever I do . . . and market the best products I can – products I believe in.

    I market Sunrider nutritionals, Chinese herbs, skincare and cosmetic products. I use them. I believe in them – they are the best. They WORK for me. They helped me get my energy back naturally, I don’t get sick very often or stay sick for very long, and my skin is so healthy it glows.

    And I’m willing to pay the higher price for pure, concentrated, organic well-formulated products that actually work.

    And those are the people who are my customers and reps.

    I’m a Gucci, baby.


    Sunrider Integral Health Solutions

  • Isn’t this another version of price or quality. You get what you pay for after all. Are you the silk purse or the sows ear?

    Let’s look at Walmart, they are the cheapest and as far as I can tell the only people who have the lifestyle are the owners. So cheap works for the Walton family but not for the workers.

    I think Network Marketing is an industry that focuses on quality.

    Quality in the products, compensation, quality of life, things that really matter at the end of the day.

    Charles Onuoha
    How expensive is ignorance.

  • I LOVE this post Kim! It’s like I said before on the “Over-priced” topic: I’m a Manolo/Nike gal. Some people are Walmart/Payless shoppers. Those people are simply not my customers.

    Walmart Mentality people put more money into their cars than their bodies. They “cheapy up” when it comes to a nutritional. They’d rather buy $2 Centrums than a high quality functional health beverage.

    I guess I don’t get it. I mean, if you wrecked your car today, you could replace it today just as easily. But God only gave us ONE body and regardless of the advancements in cloning and plastic surgery science has made, you can’t get a new one.

    I mean, you either pay now for high quality supplements that help you age well and live an abundantly vibrant life, or you can pay later with tripple bypass surgeries, gastric bypass surgeries, prescription meds, medical bills, etc. and be a miserable old person.

    Why would someone choose that? The heck if I know, but who has time to do therapy lol? It’s like you said on the “SO you want to be a networker” tape, go out and find the people who are right for what we have, THEN go back and help educate the ones who aren’t! No more Mother Theresa Syndrome for me LOL!

    I’m proud to be a Gucci gal (actually I don’t really like Gucci, I prefer Coach 😉 )

    Kassandra Bragg
    I don’t fall asleep in the middle of the day anymmore…

  • Hi Kim
    I agree with Charles, Network Marketing is an industry that focuses on quality.

    I was never a walking mini-Wal-Mart person, even before I used superior products from different Network Marketing companies. I’ve been passionate about pet care all my life. I would drive miles out of my way to get a product that worked for my dogs. I was thrilled when I found Gucci, high- end pet products.

    In my Pet Product business I am defiantly the Gucci type. My dogs are worth the best not cheapest. I have a responsibility to care for them their whole life. They give me unconditional love so I am bound and determined to give them the best quality of life possible. This is a living being, not a cheap stuffed animal to look at, why wouldn’t their care be worth as much as my own. My pets are something that really matters to me.

    I don’t think I spend more on my pet’s preventive oral care because I save money on vet bills, no yearly teeth cleaning. My old dog isn’t on any drugs, has no arthritis, kidney or heart problems. I use supplements that have protected her and in some cases restored her youth. I save money but the most important thing is I know I’m doing the very best I know how to do for my pets. I made a commitment when I got my pets to care for them their whole life, 17 years later I’m still doing it successfully with “Tara” and will do it for them all from now on.

    Dental care is another area that really matters to me. Yes I pay more for my dental products. They lasts 3 times longer than over the counter stuff and I’ve had positive results using them. I do want to keep my teeth forever. I do want my son to have healthy teeth and grow up having good oral hygiene habits. I wasted lots of money on Kids dental products because my son didn’t like them. I pay for quality dental products so hopefully my son never hears the sound of a drill in his mouth or feels the shot to numb his mouth.

    You get what you pay for. My pets, family and myself are worth it. We are Gucci types and proud of it.

  • Upscale is better for sure. Last year I rewarded myself for hitting my goal and pin rank within the company.

    I bought a $500 suitcase from Brighton with all the great silver and quality leather and fabric. It’s a rolling carry on bag and having worked in the airline industry, I would NEVER check that bag.

    When I got it home, I wondered how different it would be from my Land’s End bag, which is NICE, but nothing fancy.


    There IS a difference. The way it zips, the compartments and all of the bells and whistles make it REALLY an exceptional bag.

    When I use it, I FEEL Gucci and it is an awesome feeling.

    Most people I know like to go upscale whenever possible. More than anything, though, people want value.

    An “upscale” boutique just opened in my area and they sell jazzed up t-shirts for $80 to 120.

    To me, I just can’t see the value. It doesn’t feel any different on than the $20 t-shirt from the store next door that is jazzed up. So, I’m not popping for the difference.

    I think VALUE is where it’s at and very often, that is BEST and not cheapest.

    You do get what you pay for in most cases!

    EXPECT Success!

    Jackie Ulmer
    Fun and Fortunes Online!

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