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In this strange economic environment, one needs to be creative and even weird to make money from home.

Do you have a skill? Someone’s likely looking for part-time help. From PHP to copy-writing to admin support to marketing, you can bid on jobs here. You can do them all from home, too.

And if you’re looking for help of any professional kind online, try these places.

Find Professionals (Elance)
Find Professionals (

Anyone have other sources? I will be happy to post. No affiliate links, please.

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  • Hi Kim,

    I found out about Workaholics4Hire, some time ago, but have no experience with them. But it might be helpful to someone else. The website has a wealth of information about working from home and telecommuting.

    Workaholics4Hire is an outsourcing company that assists many online businesses with various tasks, and offers work at home positions.

    They also have a link to “FREE TELECOMMUTING JOBS DATABASE” (that I don’t recall seeing when I first found their website).

    Anyway, finding out what work at home positions that Workaholics4Hire has to offer was NOT obvious when I visited the site.

    I became a member simply to see what they had to offer. So here are the steps I went through to get that information:

    First, click the Free Workaholics4hire Membership link to join their program.

    Use an email address where you are certain you will receive the New Members Confirmation email that has the list of work at home positions that are available.

    Second, when you click the link in that email, you’ll be taken to the web page that states “We are hiring and we have many work at home jobs available.”

    Third, skip past the Google ads that take up the first quarter of the page and read the rest of the web page.

    Last, at the bottom, there is another link you need to click in order to reach the web page that actually lists which positions are available and the requirements for applying.

    You can always return to the main web page by clicking the link at the bottom.

    Whew . . . !

    NetMarketingForNewbies ~ A Johnson Enterprise

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