What Should I Do With My Life Now?

“That could be an existential wail, self-indulgent musing – or the beginning of real transformation.”
Po Bronson Fast Company, April 2009.

Mr. Bronson has a few myths he wants to “bust through” as it relates to the question, “What should I do with my life now?” Here are three (‘job’ can equally mean ‘business’):

“Myth 2: All it takes is passion.
I call this the Modern Dream Machine Industry. Media companies have made a killing selling content – number-one example: The Secret – that makes false claims that you can just dust off your fantasies and live your dream. This is selling transformation irresponsibly…

“Myth 3: Your dream has no sucky parts.
I call this the Fallacy of Intrinsic Fit. There’s this notion that you should love the mere act of what you do so much that just by virtue of it being Monday morning and you’re at work, neuro-transmitters of joy will drip on your brain all day.

That is not how real people do it. All jobs have things you hate about them. But real people feel fulfilled enough by the overall purpose that the crummy parts are worth it.

“Myth 5: There is “the one.”
There is no one perfect thing each of us is meant to do on this planet.

…For each of us, there are dozens, even hundreds of careers any one of which could provide a sense of meaning and goodness. The biggest mistake is being seduced by the myth that you’re looking for the right answer, as if there were only one. Your calling is something you grow into by having an impact on your organization and your community…one enters a phase of “positive feedback experience” which makes you feel good about being where you are.”

Given the challenging economic times and fears going around like the flu, sometimes it’s possible to think your way to a better place. Even if it takes a little shock therapy.

You take on these ‘myths’?

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Kim Klaver


  • There is a lot to be said of the power of the Pygmalion effect, but The Secret is not a law of nature. Our expectations are powerful because they send signals to those we interact with, and how others perceive us affects how they respond to us. But there are no guarantees. In addition to passion, you need patience, persistance, a moderate tolerance for risk and a strong desire to learn from failure.

    Network marketing is an activity based business. Anyone can learn the activities, but each of us will move up the learning curve at different rates, so the rate and level of success is highly variable.

  • Hi Kim,

    I read a line last week that made me laugh out loud. Marketers making their fortunes by selling treasure maps to people who were being taught how to sell treasure maps to fortunes.

    In my opinion the ugliness of the old school for NWM has two halves: part A is the offensive marketing techniques that are taught, and part B is the fantasy that is sold.

    If all we had to do in this life was wish things we want or need into being, then we all ought to have everything we could ever want.

    It is a fact that in any economy there are losers and winners. Find those that are on the winning side and hitch your wagon to their power for now, even if it isn’t your dream.

    High Regards,

    Tom Doiron

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