All MLM losetards and frigtards: listen up!

Warning: This post is only those with sense of humor – who are sick of being exploited by the “industry experts” with their own disguised, secret and evil recruiting programs. Post by Fake Kim Klaver

Have you, like millions of your cohorts, decided that your mlm career is not even near any track? Have you too, concluded, finally, that the reasons for your miserable failure are one or more of:

1. MLM sucks
2. Network Marketing sucks
3. They ALL, who have lied to you from the first, suck.
4. Your upline sucks
5. Your downline sucks
6. Your warm market sucks
7. The cold market sucks
8. Your company sucks
9. Your pay plan sucks
10. The tools you use suck
11. The trainers suck
12. You suck

Ahh, poor losers. Fret no more.

We have a SECRET NEW MLM PH program, endorsed by Internet super star guru, Paris Hilton!! Warning: Your upline will NOT want you to know about this. You can start your own company with this information. Who needs your crummy upline? Or downline?


John Milton Fogg and I have put together a Secret Bombshell PH program guaranteed for all MLM losers – people just like you. Have at it, quick, before network marketing goes totally into the toilet in the U.S. It’s your only chance.

And of course, bring all your loser friends and contacts. This is MUST HAVE for all of them. Plus, millions in free bonuses. Do not be left out. This is definitely the LAST train. You on it or not?

John’s exclusive audio detailing the SECRET NEW MLM PH program listen here. Click on the arrow to hear the new truth.

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