Are you missing the greatest market of them all?

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Do you remember the Yahoo survey a few years ago?

Two-thirds of Americans want a venture of their own. TWO THIRDS.

And here’s the most astonishing finding:

The number one reason people in the USA want a business of their own:

#1. Doing work that they really love.

#2. “To be my own boss.”

LAST on the list: Three percent (3%) said “getting rich” was their reason. See here.

So why do MLM recruiters continue to lead with the big money? Yes, like candy, that draws in lots of people. But after a few licks, 95%-97% of them drop out. Same thing happens to children who eat too much candy and sugar. See here.

The Yahoo survey shows that mature Americans want more than anything else to have their own business so they can – finally – do something meaningful, something they just love doing. The money is second. They’ve already spent 20 years in a job they don’t like, for the money.

Marketing is about values. People value money yes, but not over everything else. When they do, look where it gets them.

This little 3-minute trailer tells the story for MLM. (Scroll right down to video)

If human beings seek meaning and fulfillment in their lives, which for most, means finding a way to help others make their lives better, why not offer that first and foremost?

The market you’d be tapping into might be the greatest market of them all in the USA: The overlooked and giant Helper-Healer market. (Scroll to video)

Here’s how to know in advance if you’ve got credibility with the helper-healer market, even if you have not made dime one in the business:

1. Do you love at least one of your products madly?

2. Would you buy it faithfully if you were NOT selling it?

(If you are on autoship only to make sure you qualify for commissions, and would likely quit the company AND the product if you didn’t make money, you’re in the wrong company to connect with the Helper-Healer market. You know why, right?)

Many of you know I was once a rabid big money recruiter. I guess today you might call me a recovering big money recruiter. I DO love recruiting though. Guess whom?

Yep. The helper-healers. I’ve helped folks pull off magical Heal-Ins (see here). This is, by far, the most satisfying work in this industry I’ve ever done (21 years in the business). Women from 26 to 83 are laughing and giggling more than I have ever seen. What’s not to love about that?

Anyway, this has been such an upper that I am creating an entire eight week webinar series around it. Namely, how to tap into the giant helper-healer market.

It’s for anyone who 1) feels like they ARE a Helper-Healer and 2) who wants to turn their MLM lives around.

Helper-healers buy the big packages, by the way. Not because they want to get more commission or be in position. But because they like the bulk discount. And they’ll have enough to do demos. We all go to Costco, don’t we?

Anyway. If that sounds like you, here’s the program description and registration.

Eight weeks to possibly transform your business. You’ll learn to tap into the biggest and most genuine market in the USA: the giant helper-healer market. Go here.

Starts this SAT. November 27.

P.S. Of course you can try and do this on your own. The program is just a way to get you off to a fast start. So you can have it in your lifetime, you know?

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Kim Klaver


  • Hi Kim,

    Things have changed the last few years. We are getting much more tuned into our prospects now with "attraction marketing."

    It's no longer "join my deal it's the best one on the planet. It's now more like… "Let me get to know you. What are YOUR goals, dreams and desires and how can I help you reach them?"

    It's all about giving value these days.


  • Kim,

    I hate hyperbole. The money. Most people would greatly benefit simply by matching or doubling their incomes. Some will triple or quadruple and others more. Can you imagine the reduced stress this alone would relieve an individual, couple or family of?

    I cannot name a single person who can march into their bosses office tomorrow and ask for their income to be doubled and succeed in the endeavor.

    Personal goals and dreams come in many forms and sizes. Regardless of the desires of others, people need to respect, honor, support and value the individual's goals, dreams and desires. Period.

    Hyperbole sucks! Old school methods rocks. The old school that rocks: building relationships, creating gatherings like your small helper-healer events, creating leadership opportunities for your people. And finally giving recognition for other peoples accomplishments, achievements and promotions.

    Here is a list of vital areas that will help in raising retention and participation:

    Nurture your people.
    Support your people.
    Help others to grow.
    Help others to become self-confident.
    Create simple leadership opportunites.
    Help people to become better communicators.

    Creativity. I think it is both a blessing and a curse. I see a lot of creative minds in network marketing and lots of these people are having extreme difficulty in achieving the positive, measurable outcomes desired.

    Creativity I love to see is centered around people who love to decorate and create party like atmospheres at events. I love to see people who are creative in terms of recognition by finding meaningful ways to create appreciate of others.

    Products. People should have a natural love of the products being used. People talk about the stuff they love since it's often a big part of who they are as people and generally have a connection or ties to others people who have the same interest.

    The companies I love the most are product driven. Recently, one of my favorite companies has implemented a strategy centered around recruit, recruit, recruit. It frustrates me in a sense due to their tremendous level of success in locating people to use the product. I'm a bit perplexed by this transition.

    Marketing methods. A lot of methods will attract a few people. However, I see so many people having difficulty in gaining traction or sustaining growth. It's very hit or miss. It's one of the reasons I soley invest in meeting people, being around people, gathering with people, attending with people.

    Duplication. For me it's about culture. Duplicate the fun. Duplicate appreciation of others. Duplicate value. Duplicate supporting others. Duplicate being present in the lives of your people and their business.



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