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Designing your dream business…

Amoeba cloud smDesigning your dream business…

If you want an NM business that only allows you to
pay the bills,
you might not enjoy it much. Because
when you have never done it before, it is not easy to
(learn how to) get enough steady customers
and producing team members.

Especially when you can only give it 10 hours or so per week
like most of the folks in the industry.

Most of us have – for years – attracted the wrong people.
Do nothing downline.

And it’s not your fault. It’s not because we are dumbos.

It’s because “they” – uplines, companies, and recruiters – constantly hammer
into us how “easy” this is and how “everyone wants health and wealth”.
So you approach everyone (like they insist) with the promise of
“health and wealth”. (If you’re not in health, then it’s whatever and wealth.)

But what have you gotten from that? Lots of broke people? Do nothings?

Is THAT who you really want to work with? Will they help
you grow
your business? So stop already. Here’s how.

Step one to design your dream business: decide WHO YOU want
to work with. Find those folks.

Step two: Let. Go. Of. Those. Who. Don’t. Do. What. They. Say. They’ll. Do.

Step three: Relief and happiness might follow. And more income than you expected.

PS Who you want: think of the kinds of people you want as customers and reps.
What habits do they have? Do they need quick money? Or, do they have
a message they want to share with others and growing their business
gives them a chance to do that? Are they keepers of their promises?
Do they have habits that are likely to help them success in a
business of their own? Did they run a lemonade stand or a paper route
as a kid?  Are they resilient?  Can they STICK with a problem? Are they
those “just do it” types of folks?

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Kim Klaver

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  • Hi Kim,

    This is incredible! I must admit that I have spent countless hours of mentoring and coaching to those people who said that would like to step up and do things!

    After years of doing that without really seeing great results, I have since learned that not everyone who said they wanted to step up would do what they said they would. Results speak the loudest. I now value my time and energy to help those people who are willing to stretch themselves and grow. This not bringing in the cripples culture is the best strategy that all successful network marketing leaders do.

    I joke about this too – www= Work With the Willing 🙂

    Viola Tam – The Business Mum (Sydney)

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