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  • Devotion makes us disciplined. Devotion is committment to a cause. Discipline is the means to make that devotion a reality.

    Great Quote to post near my computer.


  • If you love what you do, you would be devoted. Less stressed, and you would want to do it over and over and over no matter what it takes because it would have already been in your blood stream.

    If you hate what you do but do it for the wrong reason, like the money, and you manage to make it somehow, you may have some discipline to do what it takes. However, it doesn’t mean that you’re having fun doing it.

    My two cents…



  • Some great posts.

    I’d say I’m both, disciplined and devoted. Can there really be one without the other?

    I heard this today…

    “Whatever you want to do in life have a passion for it and zone in on it.”

    I think devotion is easy when you have that passion for something, but you still need the discipline to zone in on it.

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