Do you believe these 3 things about you and your business?

QuestionMark_Red2Do you believe these 3 things about you and your business…?

1) Do you believe – truly in your soul – that you COULD make your business work, if only you knew step-by-step what to do?

And then – and this is the hard part:

2) Can you believe – and could you honestly accept – the fact that most things you’ll do to bring in customers and recruits – will NOT WORK?

Was that loud and clear?

Most. Things. You. Do. To. Get. Customers/Recruits. Will. NOT. Work.


And the longer you’ve been in the business sometimes, the harder it seems to interest new folks.

Have you noticed that?  Here’s three…

3a) Marketing is an experiment. We do not know for sure what will work.

3b) That’s why you might have to try 15 different ways to talk to people, and 19 different ways to find the right ones, before you get a clear handle on WHO is your customer and HOW to call their name.

Can you live with that?

Are you ready to make a change in you and your business based on the above? Namely:

=> Do you believe 1)?

=> And are you willing to accept 2) and then DO 3a) and 3b)?

One way to start and completely do a mental make-over – in 31 Days…Check it out. (Not for the faint-of-heart)

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