Duplication is not the answer

Thursday is New School/Old School

Old: Duplicate a ‘proven’ system. New: Duplication is not the answer.

“It’s like an addiction, this business. I LOVE being in it. When I went full time (after teaching kindergarten for 19 years and owning a beauty shop), I was in Seventh Heaven – not having to get up when I really still needed sleep, leaving my sweet dachshunds and lab all day…

There have been many ups and downs, companies failing, pay plans changing, negative vibrations from many folks, but I am still doing because I love it.

Here’s what is NOT working: Trying to get people to do what I do.
I learned that duplication is not the answer; because everyone is different and special with different talents and ways of doing things. I know that each person has a niche or a style that works for them.

I need to learn ways of finding customers and recruiting techniques to share with my people that will fit their personalities.

I can close people; but many of my folks can not.

Your New School class #14 Building a Business Using the Internet would really help me with my group; because many of the people do not like to use the phone like I do…

I am not good at it yet…

I would love to teach my people some ways that will make them successful, too.”

This is a bit of Margie Lassmann’s story, who won herself a Business Enchilada ticket ($279) to the New School of Network Marketing starting September 9.

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Kim Klaver


  • Oh…. Margie.
    Congratulations!I am so happy for you! You work so hard and help so many in your group and really you share with EVERYONE!
    And you love this business so.
    We will do some classes together and have FUN while we are learning learning learning!

  • Hello, Kim,

    I am tickled pink that I won the Business Enchilada Classes! This is FUN! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Kim.

  • Yes, that’s because this is simply a form of self-promotion. Talk about old School. The “You’ve Won” something angle is one of the oldest marketing tricks in the book, unfortunately.

    By the way, I respectfully have to disagree with one point: Duplication IS actually key, though it’s all too common for many to take the term “duplication” too literally.

    It’s not what works for one works for all. It’s NOT the exact duplication of the process, but of the outcome. Remember, it’s not just that your downline members are each individual and different fromone another. Your customers are too.

    Since every situation is different, no process can be made or duplicated to work each time. But duplicating the “ability” of creating positive outcomes is.

    And that’s what duplication really is. So please folks, don’t take the term too literally. Be alert to the words and actions of the world’s richest marketers and you’ll know why.

  • Tim –

    You wrote:

    “ince every situation is different, no process can be made or duplicated to work each time. But duplicating the “ability” of creating positive outcomes is.”

    That’s a different meaning of duplication than the folks who insist new recruits should buy their ‘proven success system’ including their leads, training programs and websites, all income sources for them. You know, so you can “duplicate” their success. Right.

    To be willing to do the things necessary ‘until’ is an attitude, and THAT is something everyone will need to have to make it, since it’s not easy. Duplicate the attitude, then, not the specific methods, styles, lead sources, and ways of finding and dealing with prospects – be they distributor or customer prospects.

    They’re indeed, all a little different.

    Thanks for your comments, Tim.

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