"Now I’m trying desperately to build my customer base"

Wednesday’s therapy day…

Continuation of Linda Caldwell’s story, which won her a Customer Enchilada ticket ($649) to the New School of Network Marketing starting September 9.

images-2“I realized now that duplication doesn’t work (I’ve nearly gone broke trying!).

I have around 20 customers who come and go so far…It’s a tough pick between classes 5 & 6.

I need to learn to really identify MY hot button and lead with that instead of trying to “read” potential customers and trying to tell them what I think they want to hear, or worse, what I want to SELL them.

I have been all over the board trying to focus on several different products and haven’t stuck with anything. I’m always second guessing myself and others.

I finally gave up on reading our “duplication” retail script over the phone and quit running the ads seeking weight loss customers in the Help Wanted section of the classifieds. It works for my upline – but it doesn’t work for me. It presents too many products and too big a price tag.

Because of my lack of success, I find myself procrastinating with followup. images-3I’m so afraid that I’m pestering people – even though I know I have great products and really want to help make a difference in other people’s health. I love helping people.

My husband doesn’t do the business and is getting very disgusted with “blind belief and lack of success” (his words). I’m not too happy either. I know I have what it takes – I’ve just invested too much time and too much money on the wrong things.

I started all this to prove to my husband that I could be successful in my own right (he is self employed in the oil business) and earn my own royalty income. I wanted my own source of good income – not a lousy job that paid $10 an hour.

I’m grateful Kim, for the chance to “win” a place in your classes. I wanted so badly to signup for the Whole Enchilada, but simply can’t see my way clear to change anything else on my already out of control credit card debt.”

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  • blog4meWell, that’s my story, almost exactly with a different product and company. The two things that really jumped out at me hearing my story thru someone else is 1: Tryng to prove myself to my husband who’s good at his thing, and
    2: all over the board, trying different things.
    Doesn’t seem like a recipe for success at all.
    I’ll see you in school!

  • I agree with Linda in regards to finding one own’s “hot button”. This is not to say that fundamentals do not duplicate. I believe in fundamentals, core things. I believe that network marketing is a professional business which requires professional skills. These professional skills center around developing excellent communication skills and personal growth. I have felt growth after hitting roadblocks. My conclusion (after 7 years with my current company) and about 10 years in the industry (total) – is that it all works; however, nothing works for everyone all the time. I just know that if one thing doesn’t work, then try something else that resonates with you. This is what I’m doing.

    I also believe in the Law of Attraction; have plugged into an excellent DVD called “The Secret”. I’m not sure whether or not I’m allowed to mention this or whether or not this is the time or place for it; but it has changed everything for me as of late.

    Best wishes to all.

    Thank you, KIM! You are the very, very BEST! 🙂

    Take care.

    Gordana Seifert

  • That’s me, too! Bitten by the nwm bug and I can’t find a cure. And I thought I was the only one who felt this way. Ordered your book…can’t wait until it arrives so I can get up to speed with everyone else here.

  • MOST people feel this way – love the business, can’t figure out how to do it because the pressure from the sponsors is too great and drowns out their own inner voice about what to do that suits them.

  • Just remember to have fun… someone is always worse off than you! Check out my post for a laugh, your day will improve!

  • Thanks to everyone for your kind comments and words of encouragement! I am devotee of Kim and her “new way” — she feels like my lifeline to a better world of network marketing. Hope to hear all of you in class!
    The best to you all,
    Linda Cardwell

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