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  • Walter:

    Quite right. My books and CDs are displayed here. However, my opinions here are not paid for by anyone.

    People who buy do so because they like the stuff I write. They come here, I don’t solicit them.

    People want to buy stuff that reinforces a point of view they are aligned with. My blog gives people that opportunity – to relate and get more, or not.

    They know what they’re getting.

    When opinions are paid for, I for one want to know.

    When people discovered that studies showing that tobacco didn’t harm people were actually funded by the tobacco interests, those reports lost credibility.

    When a friend solicits me, and recommends something, and later I find out they were paid on it, I for one, would not give that person’s opinion the same value next time.

    Most sales people who solicit have little credibility because they want to sell and everyone knows it. When you go to a blog or read stuff by people whose ideas you agree with, it’s a pleasure to buy their stuff.

    I look for stuff to buy from people I respect, be it a tennis pro I go to or a Mac club I am part of.

    When you solicit others and recommend stuff on which you’re being paid, and don’t let on, those are not opinions I want to hear anymore.

    And that’s what the Facebook social advertising seems to be begining. People pushing stuff not because they really care about it, but because they’re being paid for it.

    That takes whatever word of mouth value there was, to a new and much lower level – once people catch on that their friends’ recommendations are all monetized (paid for.)

    Credibility matters a lot to me, and when others solicit me I want to know first what they know about it, and why they think I might be interested. And if they’re selling it.

    If I make the first move, and buy, it’s because my ideas are aligned with the other person’s. It’s my choice, and I’m happy to give them my money.

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