How I buy new alternative health products

Part 2. Continued from A Different Model of Network Marketing?

Anytime I’m offered a health product or program, I want to know five things about it before I would buy it or represent it (I either confirm this stuff to my own satisfaction, or with my nutritionist):

#1. Is it non-drug?

#2. Is it non-toxic?

#3. Does it stimulate my body to heal itself?

#4. Does it work?

#5. Why did the creators/inventors create this product? What’s the philosophy/belief set behind it?

This is my process. The order is critical.

Notice the first question is NOT: Does it work? Or does it (or will it) sell?

I don’t care about either if it’s a drug or toxic product. Drugs work for many people. But I believe they’re toxic to the body. They ease the pain, yes, but they don’t stimulate the body to fix itself. Drugs effectively hide the problem, temporarily. And there are very scary side effects.

Readers here know that I believe in “selling” to the right people – people like – ta da – me. Not like me in every way of course. For an alternative health product or program, “like me” means people with values like those I gave above. Who check out new alternative health products or programs, with those criteria, in that order.

Our little group each has this value set, and all of us ascribe our incredible health, energy and dress sizes (same as in college for all of us) to having followed these living guides for the last 20 years. We’re all over 50.

Anyway, here’s what happened when they called folks for the In Home, people they believed had similar values…Continued here.

P.S. Note: Neither this nor any other approach is a magic bullet. You have to respect the tasks that need to be done to offer the right people a magical experience. But if you know what it takes, you can learn it and try your own. It works best if you love the product you’re marketing because it reflects who you are. If you’d like to get a head start on the basic approach, check out the orange book here and the big CD program (or smaller one) here.

P.P.S The product of this demo is from a company I am currently Business Trainer for. My friends rep the product.

P.P.P.S I expect to offer a series of classes on this In Home approach. If you’re interested in getting on the priority list for it, email me here and put in the subject: Teach Me In Home.

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  • I'd also ask

    ~ is all plant based/sourced or are there synthetic ingredients in it as well?

    ~ what type of scientific research has been done on the product, if any?

    ~ is it a copy-cat? What makes it different from any others out there?

    ~ does it really supply nutrients our body really needs?

    Just some things I would want to know.

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