How To Attract a Big Woman Banana With Your Ad.

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Yesterday a super big banana friend whose company recently crashed called me. He’s creating an ad to recruit two top women into his new company. But not the old-school recruiter type.

He wants a woman who wants to build a big fat giant customer base.

How do I advertise for someone like that, he asked?

My two cents: Go for the values. Not the money. When writing the ad, don’t lead with the money or other material goals.

Everyone wants more money. That distinguishes no one. Personal values draw folks in. And keep them going – whether or not they make any money.

Look at all the women (80% networkers are women) making peanuts or losing money each month in MLM. Yet they hang on. Why? Because, say 95% of those I surveyed, they love the product and want to help others. And of course, why not dream of landing a big banana some day?

Examples of values versus money goals.

Someone who wants to make $10,000/mo. Live next to the Cruise’s. Vs

Wants to have an impact on the world. Knows what you eat changes you and your future. Wants to be with and help others who are on that path.

That’s an example that calls out to me. There are others.

Readers: What other values you think that woman has, who will do whatever it takes to build that giant customer base for a cool, get-your-health-back, affordable product?

Comment below. No need to sign in.

Person who comes up with the best (defined by me) and most useful values for that woman wins a copy of the Art of Recruiting MP3s described here.

P.S. Hey do you like the new Banana look?

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  • The ability to accept that not everyone is interested in good health, organic skin care or nourishing foods. That is o.k. success is hanging in there long enough to change lives of those that 'are' interested. Perseverance is key, not giving up and not taking it personally when someone says no, it is not about me when they say no! Not making assumptions; that someone I think, 'needs' something may actually not need it at all!

  • My values that have kept me going even during the uncertain times:

    I involved my young son in all the "dark secrets" about food to give him the best chance of setting good eating habits. It worked because he won't go near a Mac Donalds because the food isn't "real", especially his old favorite, Chicken Nuggets.

    My son isn't a perfect eater but he knows more about real food than most adults. It's cool when he tells his friends that we shop at Farmer's Markets and he explains why Grass-fed beef or pastured chicken is better for us.

    Two years ago he decided to stop taking the kids gummy multi and take the whole food one I use. He read the label on his gummy!

    The values for me would be a mom wanting to teach kids how to pick real whole food, in the actual food and supplements.


    Whole Food and More

  • A woman who values the freedom to be her own boss. She is determined and she will invest her time and energy into a company that will reward her for all her hard work. She will make sacrifices and she will never give up.

    A woman who values the goals of her team members. She will help them get over their fears and help them find the confidence they need to succeed.

    Love the new Banana look!

  • Would the ad and values also be determined by what products the new company sells?

    One of the values I think may be important to a woman is to be a full-time mother, yet still provide a good lifestyle for her children. So many women are homeschooling these days.

    Also, I like the new Banana Marketing website. It has a nice, clean look that is easy to navigate.


    Eat Well. Live Well.

  • God bless you women who talk through their feelings and can encourage others to do the same. During the interviews share your feelings and probe for theirs. Hire the one who handles feelings the best. Tell them: "That's your job with 'Big Banana Inc.' Share and support the best of feelings.

  • To catch the big kahuna the ad has to let her feel she will be helping people and changing the world, yes, but first it also has to let her know that the company she will be working with respects her time, pays well, is a responsible company that will hold her hand and take care of her if she gives it this type of hard core dedication. The ad must convey to her that this company is as top notch as she is. Like "our company donated a million to bla disease research and just attracted 940 new women in the last week because of our new natural toe cream?"

    Good luck Kim and good luck to yoru friend,

    Shelley Maher

  • It's about INDEPENDENCE to do it your way to build as fast or big as you desire.

    It's about MAKING A DIFFERENCE by helping others with your product or reaching their goals.

    It's about RESPECT and BEING VALUED by others because you respect and value their needs and goals.

    It's about FINDING YOUR NICHE and growing, learning and doing what you love.

  • Have a passion to impact world health? You also realize the body will usually heal or defend itself from disease providing there is no deficiency in nutrition or elevated levels of toxicities. Thus many times drugs are not necessary except for issues or conditions involving some type of trauma or infection. Help us provide "serious nutrition for dynamic health."

  • "My values as someone looking to build a big, fat, customer base are simple.
    –> First, I won't waste time with something that doesn't work. To build a big, fat base, I need customers who stick, month after month, and I must be excited about taking the product myself.
    –> Next, it must be honorable. I know that customers will eventually provide a few who say 'Can I share this with friends to get mine free?' Less than honorable company or product will yield no future referrals.
    –> Next, it must be simple. I value my time. I must be able to explain it easily, and my customers must be able to understand it easily. Those more detail-inclined can read the label for themselves and they'll know the difference immediately.
    –> Finally, it must be able to provide some measure of freedom for my customers and myself to spend more time with family and friends. For customers, more health means doing more of the things they love with people they love in a younger, stronger body that maybe they couldn't do before.

    Those are my values as a giant customer base builder."

  • It's all about belief. She must first of all believe in herself, trust in her instincts, her power and her heart. Then she must believe in her product. Don't try to convert unbelievers. Aim for the people who believe in healthy living-a niche, and then she must believe that the people who want her to assist them will show up.

    Thanks Kim for all your help, too. I am so happy that you are getting the "real" way message out there.

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