Winner of the Art of Recruiting program

Thanks for commenting about those values here. Everyone made good points. For all who participated, you have won Disc One. Download it right here.

What you won:

Disc One. Taking the Stress Out

1. Why Is Recruiting So Hard? 6:27
2. We Are a Subculture 9:11
3. Do Not Mislead Your Friends 2:17
4. Warn Up Front You’re Selling It 1:01
5. Do Not Ask Friends to Buy or Sell 3:44
6. Your Hot Button, Not Theirs 2:09
7. Story Replaces Pitch 2:05
8. Enthusiasm Beats Screaming 4:24
9. Skip the Therapy 2:52
10. Use Multiple Venues 2:52
11. Women Do What Experts Advise 8:28
12. 5 Secrets for Survival 11:13
13. Assignment: 3 Soul-Searching Questions 13:52

The above is one of 9 CDs (or MP3s depending on the format) that comes in the Art of Recruiting program MP3s here.And CDs here.

Click on the zip file link, and it should download to your computer. You’ll see a list of those cuts, just like on a CD.

The winner gets the above disc, and these (about 45 minutes each):

  1. Ice Breakers
  2. How To Work Leads
  3. Recruiting with Ads: Newspaper/print ads
  4. Recruiting with Ads: Ads for different groups of people
  5. Recruiting with Ads: how to interview those who contact you
  6. Self Promotion Online: Guidelines
  7. Self Promotion Online: Creating Stories
  8. Self Promotion Online: Creating Profiles
  9. Printable Crib Sheet PDF document (18 pages of normal conversational scripts you can print out and use immediately.)

The Art of Recruiting winner (’twas VERY hard to choose) is: JULIE.

Julie: Email me and I’ll send you the download link to the entire Art of Recruiting MP3 program.

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