How to hit your income numbers – without procrastination…

Kim video image smHow to hit your income numbers…without procrastination.

Once you know what has to happen, your brain can swing into action.

1. Figure out what you earn per “Sale.” I mean either a product sale or a recruit package sale..

2. Say your recruit package earns you $300

3. Say your product package earns you $20

4. You want to earn $3,000…

5. If you sell recruit packages where you earn $300/each, you’d need to sell 10 Recruiter packages. 10 x $300 (to you) = $3,000.

6. If you sell your product package, you’d need to sell 150 to earn $3,000. 150 x $20 to you = $3,000.


1) The recruit packages earn you way more money per sale, so you need fewer of them to hit $3,000. However they are normally one time orders.

2) Customer orders get you much less per order, so you need many more to earn your $3,000. However, some of those customers will be repeat orderers, so you’ll earn some more income the next month or the next – AFTER the hard work of getting those customers has been done.

If you know you have to make 15 or 150 sales, your brain can go about figuring that out.

“How can I make 15 sales in the next 15 days?” And set the wheels in motion…

PS Never count on income from anyone else, like downline or what have you. I always pretended I was all there was. Always.

PPS “Sales” includes recruiter packages that your new recruits buy.  Have you heard this (free) surprising recruiting mistake I shared recently?

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