How’d she sell 10 boxes of product her first 10 days?

Inside story from the tiny start up I own part of. Warning: There is a link in the story below to the product.

“I’ve been in this for one month and haven’t sold 10 boxes like Lulu did. What’s with that?”

Is Lulu just a better and smoother talker? Luckier? More influential?

The story. Lulu sells a nutritional product. A whole food multi that she started using herself about a month ago. She sold 10 boxes in her first 10 days (each box is a month’s supply at about $45).

Others in the same company have not sold 10 boxes in their first 30 days.

Lulu’s story gives a big clue about her edge marketing a nutritional product. She wrote in:

“My boss knows I am into nutrition and feeling good
with lots of energy.

He asked me to come to his office and asked me about a product I was not familar with.

I told him I was taking a new product, The Pops, and had some good results.

We talked a few more minutes and he said he would take two boxes.

The next day his assistant emailed me and said she
had overheard us talking (for which she apologized)
about The Pops, and wanted to order two boxes also.

Plus, a couple of days before, I told a friend how
well I was sleeping taking the greens, she
immediately said : “you had better have bought me a
couple of boxes.” Within three days I had sold all
my product…”

Based on this story: what is Lulu’s secret edge?

And if you don’t have that particular edge, what can you do to get one? So that when you’re talking to people you know, they give you their ear?

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  • I think the biggest clue is that she was sharing a story about the product that included the benefits she has noticed with the product. Most people want to know one thing…”will it work for me”?

  • Lulu told her associates and friends what the product has done for her.

    The benefits that she has noticed when she consumed the product is what interests her associates. They want to know what it might do for them.

  • “Based on this story: what is Lulu’s secret edge?”

    Lulu has become a product of her product. She uses the product. She loves the product. She believes in the product. She has developed her ‘story’ based on her positive experience with the product and shares her story with others.

    If you ‘live’ your business you will excel at it!

    ~Alethea Anderson

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