Half Truths

I didn’t know any better then…

This is an education business and what you think of now
as failures could turn into big learning moments. Your
boo boos become your greatest stories and teaching
points. AFTER you become successful. Hehehe.
Here’s an exercise:

“What is ONE thing you’ve done wrong in the past that
you can use to tell a story?”

I’ll go first.

I. Have. Been. Mother. Theresa. Way. Too. Long. Sigh. I SO
want it for others that I’ve often done too much FOR them-
not realizing that this well-intentioned action was making
them dependent – on ME.

#1 Boo Boo: I used to always help others understand the pay plan.
Endless discussions about it. The more we discussed it, the fewer
orders those folks brought in. Didn’t notice the connection
for a very long time. Sigh.

Right now, I have really cool, emotionally charged how-to
videos, webinars, audios and PDFs (which I did NOT prepare),
that I can point people to. And point I do (give links). Result:

In seven weeks I have earned in the mid five figures ($27.7K) – without
a single big program sale done as a result of me personally “selling”
the buyer. Not one. No cajoling, no persuasion, no personal demo.

(If I didn’t have tools I personally liked, I’d create my own. I’ve often
done that and given peeps those. This time I haven’t had to – yet.)

#2 Boo Boo: In the past, when someone had a problem with,
say, setting up an auto-responder, I’d call them, and show them
how to do it on their computer. 30 minutes spent at least.

NOW, I direct them (one or many), via say Facebook or email,
to the Customer Service link for that service. Done. I can now
use that time I’d spend before helping the person myself –
to do sales producing activities instead.

Whole new world for me: POINTING versus DOING FOR someone.
And the income results are well, just really almost unbelievable.
I mean who’d a thunk that you can earn more, doing less work?
With a very small group of peeps who are all still learning too?
(under 100) Oi Vey. Lesson learned.

YOUR TURN. OK, so what’s ONE thing YOU’ve done wrong in
the past that YOU can use to tell a story? Others LOVE stories,
especially when you’ve turned things around by doing something

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