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I don’t have time! I don’t know where to start!

Does that sound like you?

Some 100 years ago, a productivity expert suggested to some top
executives a little strategy to make them more productive.

1. Make a list of the SIX most important things you must do

2. Work on the things in that order.

3. Do not start the next item down the list, until you have done
EVERYTHING you can on the previous item.

The 9 executives did that for the next three months. Each day.
(They spent MUCH more time choosing WHAT was on the list – and in
what order – than ever before.)

After 90 days, their productivity increased so much that the consultant
was paid $250,000 (in today’s dollars).Here’s my question to anyone who is short on time to build your
business:Is “building the business” (finding customers or reps) even ON your list of 6 most
important things to do for tomorrow?

If not, no biggie. But. Then. You. Must. Not. Complain. About: “It’s not working!”

Here’s a way to trick the priority list system – and your brain so it helps you.

1. For the next 5 days, make ‘build my business’ #2 on your daily “MUST DO” priorities.

2. But. Spend 45 minutes only. Whatever you do, you do. You stop after 45 minutes.

3. Do that each day for the next five days.

Report back what happens…

Remember. NO attachment to the outcome. Attach only to the
DOING of the task. And getting better and better at that.PS If it becomes a focus
each day, your mind might suggest ways to find people and approach them that you
never knew you had inside yourself.PPS. If you are willing to commit to making “build my business” EACH day
for 45 minutes, and you don’t know what to do, let me know and we will begin
a list. Readers can contribute ideas too.

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