Something from the old days…

To build a network marketing business that provides you
income and satisfaction, there’s one mission:

Find people for whom it’s the right thing to be doing.
Either as customers or as reps.

The big bugaboo: You’ll never know for sure who it’s going to be in advance.

How do you find ways to make the search continually fun, challenging
and interesting? So that you DO it each day until?

We all know that “everybody” is mostly a wrong one.

In 1996 I put out this audio…thought you might like to plug it into your
iPod and have a listen at things I tried back then…These are .zip files you
download. Then play.

Might help you laugh about things you normally cry about.

Cut 5: “Race for Aces” (3 mins – 5MB) Click here.

“So You Want To Be A Networker” 11 cuts (45 mins -69.4MB) Click here

These are on the house. The description is here Enjoy!

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