Half Truths Reinvent Recruiting

Keep on sponsoring?

Most of the top earners will tell you five things:

1) They personally sponsored 100-200 peeps.

2) 1-5 of their peeps are responsible for 85-95% of their
gangster money monthly incomes – ($25,000-$200,000/mo
qualifies yes?)

3) The 1-5 who “made” the big banana’s business take off
were sometimes front line, and often, lower down and not
known to the (now) big banana at all.

(Now they are, obviously!)

4) Big bananas tell us that THEIR big bananas did whatever
they did because THEY wanted to. Not because they had to be
babied or motivated or pushed or dragged. Previous MLM experience
was not a prerequisite for big banana-ness.

5) Big bananas almost all have weekly team training and
assistance calls. In case there’s a baby big banana growing in there,
or just to help those growing into this business.

Bottom line: Most of the big bananas – and their big bananas – had
giant reasons of their own to make their particular business work.
And they did so, with or without an upline pushing, shoving or cajoling
them into it.


Keep sponsoring.


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