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If you hate hearing no as much as I do…

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If you hate hearing no as much as I do…

 Here is one way to stop attracting extra No’s to yourself.

After any “first mention” of your product or business, at the end,
here’s what I have used as my “close” for the last 24 years…

“So – do you know anyone who might like to know about something like that?”

Say nothing until you hear the answer.

You’ll be able to FEEL THEIR sense of relief in your own body. Yep.

Last time I did that, about 24 months ago, I personally sponsored
298 people at the “business” level in my first 9 months…

I’m not promoting any company now…Just wanted you to know
HOW I know it works (!)

One question I got you might have…

“does this approach make them feel like you didn’t consider them a
prospect for a product so they think they are missing something? Does
it make them want it more?”

My response… 

There’s a bit of context I did not include, since that was not the point here…

But let’s assume you are talking to someone about the business where
YOU went first…you offered to “share” – that is ONE (of several) situation
where this works well. Not only in person, but on Facebook…

Because it removes the pressure from her – AND you. 

It makes what you’re doing – telling about your product on that “first date” –
more like asking someone, “Hey I love to play tennis! You know anyone
here who likes to play?”

That’s the approach…so the other person’s mind remains open. 

If they see it for themselves, I can assure you after 24 years of doing this,
they go, “Yeah! Me! What have you got!?”

See how that might work?

If they see you coming after THEM as a sales person, their minds
just close down and you’ve lost them, in almost all cases.

PS If you’d like to learn a bit more about how to position yourself
as an advisor instead of a seller, check out the mini 100 Customers 100 Days Workshop here.
Includes the #1 secret Steve Jobs told us about how he got all his high-paying
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