Is your company woman friendly? Test #2.

All right ladies, now for the second test.

Test #2. How to tell if they’re paying you enough to get the customers.

I would not work a company unless they paid me a minimum of 8-10% on my regular (and repeat) product sales. And I mean from the day I started – even if I came in at the lowest level as a distributor, i.e. the first position AFTER paying the nominal sign-up fee, where you buy some of the products to try yourself.

Say I get a customer who buys $75 worth of products. Assuming the $75 price is the best customer pricing available (preferred customers like those on auto-ship, for example), I’d want to earn a minimum of $7.50 on it each time they order.

Many companies have this or better. Many don’t. Check before you commit if you’re a woman who wants to get customers.

Otherwise you’ll be working for cheap. You can do that anywhere. Don’t accept it here.

By the way, the percent they offer you should be a sliding scale. It should depend only on the total sales you bring in. Some companies pay you from 10-50% on customer orders, depending on your “level.” Level depends on the total sales you bring in. Real estate works the same way. The more sales an agent does, the higher their cut on their next deal.

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