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“Justin Bieber Launches MLM!”


“Biggest growing industry in history!”

Have you heard folks pitching their deal with lines like this?

It’s cool to have a big name in the business (Trump, Buffet). The reps
that get involved with these deals go crazy – for months – throwing about
the big names to get you in.

But ask yourself: Do these celebrities or any other “big names” help
you make your calls? Do they deal with the pukies you get? Do they
help with your list? Do they do your home presentations with you?
Do they walk your daily path with you?

Some lead with another favorite:

“Biggest growing industry in history!”

I guess these folks are hoping to persuade others that it will be
somehow easier to succeed in their MLM – because the industry it’s
part of (deregulated energy, say, or anti-aging) – is growing so fast.

I guess it might help some peeps join. But does “fastest growing industry”
(or “Hoo Ha launches MLM!”) help anyone stick?

It’s not just MLM. In the regular business world, big or fastest growing
also guarantees no one’s success.

Check out the cell phone (=>iPhone) business. Big business. Apple rules.
Almost all the other phone companies have lost ground. Many have gone
out of business. Yet mobile is perhaps the fastest growing industry today.
Yet only two making it big.

The celebrity in MLM – well maybe that’s cool – but it’s only fun
for a while. Because.

The celeb doesn’t do your presentations for you. They won’t be
at your little home meetings. They don’t make calls with you.
They are not there with you when you get that inevitable pukey.

(Most celebs are company owners, ambassadors or consultants,
not distributors.)

What matters?

Finding a person who determines, for themselves, that they want to
do your business. The success of others might help them decide to make
that initial effort, but it’s not enough to sustain THEM.

It’s not someone else’s success that pays your bills. Nor does the
size or growth of an industry pay your rent.

Doesn’t your own satisfaction level come from knowing you’re doing
something you love, and doing it until you are absolutely at the top of
your game?

Isn’t it cool to know you’ve added something meaningful and useful
to the life of someone else?

And – ta da – you make some income with it also?

No matter how they pitch you – remember it’s what you do – those
you reach out to and how those peeps react to your offer – that will
help you grow your own business.

My two cents: Focus on honing those skills – and the mindset you
need to do continue to do THAT. Until.

Then it won’t matter which Hoo Ha is in your company, or what
“biggest or baddest” industry you are in.

PS. Justin Bieber’s MLM? Oh, you wanted to join? Hehehe

PPS. I’m building again.  Yep. After 14 years. Looking for a key
player who’s footloose and fancy free. Driven, talented, ferocious
desire to make it. And the energy to do it. Email me here.
Put in Subject: Work With Kim + phone #
In body, tell me why. 🙂 Talk soon.

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