Why fixate on those not “doing anything”?

Have you noticed?

Most forums for entrepreneurs and MLMers spend an
inordinate of time whining about those who
“don’t see the big vision” (and what losers
they are) or, on those who signed up and aren’t
doing anything. And of course, they too, are pretty
low rent, according to the posts I read.

Do you find that reading this stuff, or discussing
what’s wrong with “them” or why aren’t they doing
anything, useful to building your business?

Just curious. I’ve never found it useful. I’ve always
thought it was arrogant. I wonder if THOSE whiners ever
do anything other than whine. Am I being mean?

What I teach my new team members: Mission: Find someone
who wants this for THEIR OWN reasons. No matter if the
reason is the product or the business. No matter if the
reason is big or tiny.

And. If you find someone who, it turns out, is not
quite ready, be kind. Let the person know,
“I’ll be here. Whenever.”

Remember “life happens.” To all of us.

Keep looking and doing whatever it takes to be in
places where you will run into folks – folks who
will either love your product or service, or who want
something of their own. (Both online and off.)

With that focus, you won’t have to drag them across
the finish line. Or the starting line.

Isn’t that the sort of person you are looking for?

PS Why use up your precious energy getting worked up
about the wrong ones? Besides, is that any way to
generate good karma?

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Kim Klaver

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  • Whiners need an audience because they have already gotten the maximum number of rejections (which could be just one or two pukey friends/family members) and want to find equally-rejected “victims.” I like the points you made in your book, “Do you have a Plan B?” on how to properly deal with pukey friends and family who “counsel” their negative comments (p. 101-105). Say No First! Best Advice Ever!

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