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OK so I am psyched almost out of my mind.

I’ve been in love with Apple for 30 years, and now I have partnered
up with my favorite people: I’ve become an app developer so I can reach out
to other lovers and users of Apple gadgets – especially iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Of course some of my NM stuff will be first.

My first app, How To Build a Giant Heap With or
Without your Friends Family or Neighbors, is here

Click the blue “View in iTunes” button under the green icon on left rail.

It’s $1.99.  For the entire program ($13.74 on my website for MP3s.)

BRIBE: Anyone who gets the Giant Heap App in the next 24 hours – and sends me the
Apple receipt – gets either bribe product below:

100 Customers 100 Days 3 Scripts MP3 ($37)


One-Liners ($27)

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