"Last night was a gift…"

So said NMC member Susan, who was on the weekly NMC Idol call for the first time last night. That’s where, each week, we interview 2-3 NMC members live so others can meet them and find out what they market and who they are.

NMC Den Mother Vicki and NMC Social Network Queen Rani interviewed NMC member Laura and member Mary Jane Medlock

Susan wrote in…

“I really got a better viewpoint into Laura’s search for something she loved. Who would have thought she had a Master’s degree and didn’t last more than a year at a job, and she loves Mia Bella Candles and SOC (Send Out Cards)?

While she was talking I went to SOC and had a blast, realized it was a great way to keep the warmth within customer relationships…We have emailed and talked 3 times since then.

And Mary Jane was a visionary with business building focused ideas. Thank you for putting it all together, for me last night was a gift. It has given me a new focus to reach out and touch other NMC members.”

I know I know. NMC’s my pet project. Still, these things make one’s day a little better, so I hope it’s OK if I tell…

The new international Registry of Network Marketers will finally launch next Monday.

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Kim Klaver


  • I just wanted to say thank you to Susan. She brings up a great point without even realizing it.

    We ALL impact people in our lives and in our businesses. People may not always speak up and say, “Hey, I learned this from you.” Or, “Wow, I never thought of it that way.” I believe if we are doing our jobs right in network marketing, we are making a difference all the time even if don’t get the public recognition that Susan just gave me and Maryjane.

    Thank you Susan!

    Laura Kane
    Boston, MA

  • Thanks Kim for working so hard at your pet project so that others benefit greatly.

    We all appreciate your work.

    Nancy Carlson

  • Kim, the ideas you come up with are brilliant and you are always improving ‘perfection’. You always come up with new, innovative ways how we can improve our business and get more contacts/customers. Keep up the great work.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    Ilka ;o)

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