How to sell online

How to make people WANT to give you money in three steps

screaming fansHow to make people WANT to give you
money online in three steps…

1. Build a list.

2. Create a relationship with that list by offering stuff of value to them, based on what you told the folks
they’d get if they

signed up for your list

3. Market good stuff to them (like info they asked for).


You survey your members and ask what they’d like
to know how to do…and offer some choices that either
YOU can do, or you know folks who can.

Say the choices you offer are:

A. Sponsor more people

B. Sell more product

C. Manage my time better

Based on the responses, say a bunch chose the
‘Manage my time better’ option.

Say you’re like me and don’t manage your time all that well
yourself. But you know someone whose programs you
have personally used to help YOU manage your time better.

So you can contact that person and ask if they’d do a webinar
for your list.  And you’d be an affiliate (meaning you’d earn a cut
from the sale of her programs after the no-cost webinar.

You set up the webinar, let your members know.

On the day of the webinar, your expert guest offers good info, and
then at the end, she offers a course on the subject for those who
want more. Might be $197 or so.

Some of the members buy that.

And those who don’t buy, are happy with what
they learned on the webinar (no cost).

Everybody’s happy. Your members, the webinar presenter,
and you. Plus you get a cut of whatever your members buy
from the time management expert.

Good news. If the topic your members ask for is one YOU
can offer, then YOU give the webinar and offer your own
more comprehensive program at the end. And get 100% of
the sales proceeds.

See how that works?

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