Marketing snob?

Smart marketers know who their audience is, and know how to call them by name. Anyone who bought that book, Skinny Bitch, realized the authors captured both the envy and wannabe nature of how lots of us feel about those skinny women.

But, most everyone else selling anything just screams, “Buy my thing! It’s the best on the planet!” or words to that effect. Which one are you?

If you’re sick of people not showing up, or hearing “It’s too expensive,” it means, most likely, that you have called the wrong people’s names. (Don’t beat yourself up. Nearly all NMers are taught to pursue everyone. Of course, other things can and do go wrong, too.)

One commenter suggested I was snobbish to say that run of the mill people – where what I meant was – people with run of the mill attitudes about the values behind your specialty product – will not buy.

But isn’t that true? Someone who’s happy with a $40 tennis racquet will not buy a $400 one. Someone who dreams (unlikely or not) of being a tennis great will stretch to buy the one their favorite pro uses, even if it is $400.

Think of things you have really stretched to buy. Is it everything? Or just stuff you really really want?

We humans choose our values. Period. Everything is just not #1. We’d never be able to make any decisions or set priorities without our values.

So why not exclude folks from your marketing efforts whose values are not the same as yours? I mean, as they relate to the product and the values that underlie it?

After all, your products are special, aren’t they? Isn’t that why you pay more? Because the products represent values you share?

Why continue pursuing people who don’t share those values? Is doing therapy really that much fun?

And when you find someone who really does share your product’s values, e.g. organic or non-drug or non-toxic say, then you want to learn to do what Apple does for their customers – wow ’em. See here how they do that. And how you can learn to do it too.

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