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No more talking to peeps?

No more talking to peeps?

Do you dislike talking to people about your business?

And did you think you had to be Mr. or Ms. Persuasive to earn
the big income in network marketing? Well. I have a surprise for you.

As a person who’s been told hundreds – no thousands – of times:

“Ahh Kim, you can sell ice to Eskimos – but I can’t do that!”

I have experienced something I never expected to experience in my sales life:

1) A silver tongue is NOT the key to building a big and fast (and sticky)
NM income today…


2) Talking to peeps is NOT the key to building a big and fast income
with your NM business.

Sounds weird, huh? Here’s how I learned (and experienced) this.

As some of you know, I’ve been experimenting for the last 12 months
with building a business again – after a 14-year hiatus doing just teaching
and writing (see some of my resources here)

Anyway. Until 6 weeks ago, I did the same thing I did 25 years ago:
Talk to peeps. Talk to peeps. Talk to peeps.

That all changed 6 weeks ago.

I stopped doing that. Yeah.

You ready for this?

I barely talk to people to present my business anymore. Here’s why:

=> If I talk to 30 people over the phone about my business,
a certain number will join.

=> If I have the same 30 people watch a video (online)
about my business – while I garden or get a Shiatsu massage –
the same number of people will join. I get home and see the
sign-ups and income in my back office.

(I mean a good video with real people and stories others relate to,
nothing that comes across like an paid advertisement or pitch, etc.).

This was first shocking to me…

What, they didn’t need MOI to sell them?

Um no.

The video I give them gets the same number of signups and
the same income as I – Me – Myself and I – would have had
I spoken to the folks (which I didn’t).

Actually it gets worse…

I have earned more income in six weeks – working 4-5 hours
a day – than I did in my first six weeks 24 years ago, when
I worked (happily) AROUND THE CLOCK and earned
about $32k in the same first six weeks (back then).

Bottom line realization for me:

No more talking to peeps.

Instead, I get them to watch a meaningful video. Based on that, let
THEM decide, without me. No pressure. No anxiety for either party.

For me, the income now is the sweetest I have ever earned in this business.

1) The people can make up their OWN minds.
2) I never hear no (they either come in, or not, at some point) and
of course my personal fave,
3) I don’t follow up by phone or respond to objections. I have
never done that in 25 years. Objections to me means a disconnect
in values, and I’m not in the conversion business.

There is something new, however.

I DO follow up now – but not with phone calls or other time
consuming stuff. Instead, I have a little email series that I
have customized and made fun, with cool videos. I have
those set up to do the follow up with the folks.

(Yeah, customized auto-responders.)

They are set to go out each day or two. Without me. And people sign up
each day, without me. I earn income each day, without me pitching or selling
or showing or teaching. Hehehe.

Talk about someone from the old school – talk to peeps, talk to peeps, talk to
peeps – who’s just come into the new world.

Oi Vey. Well at least it happened in my lifetime.

So that’s my story after six weeks. Stay tuned…

PS YES I am SURE some of you know this sort of thing already.
But for me, it was really “experiencing is believing”. It’s the quality and
genuineness of the videos and follow-up emails – at least I can use my
language skills for THAT – which makes a VERY significant difference in
open rates and signups. But since I have those done, I don’t have to
talk to peeps anymore. To sell them, or show them, or anything
else like that. Now we just BUILD together.

Way. More. Fun. And. Productive. And. Way.
More. Income. With. Less. Work.

PS. Check out my new business here.


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