"Oh, it’s expensive!" said, um, who?

The other night I had dinner with a friend at Chicago’s Maria’s Mexican restaurant, near the airport. Wonderful warm place, great food and drinks.

The rotund and super friendly waiter padded over and asked if we wanted drinks. We decided on Margaritas with their “best” tequila – Patron Anejo. I was toying with having a double, and the waiter goes, “Oh, that’s expensive! We make really good strong ones. Why don’t you try it first and see THEN if you like another shot?”

I already liked him, but then I really liked him. We left him a giant tip.

When’s the last time a sales sort who stands to benefit from the size of your purchase, (the tip in this case, it being a percent of the cost of the meal) advised you NOT to buy something more expensive that YOU bring up, until you try what they think will do the trick for you, for less?


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