"Oh. We don’t sell. We share."

This is something peculiar to women. When a prospect asks, “So do you have to do sales?”

“Oh no. We don’t sell, we share.”

“Oh this isn’t sales. No. We educate and refer people to wonderful products in our catalogue.”

This isn’t something you hear the men say.

Of course there’s a reason. Women tell me they don’t want to be perceived as one of those sales people. They’re pushy, high pressure, full of tricks, and will say anything to get your money.

Not something women like to have done to them by sales people who are trained to go for the sale on that first date, and it’s not something women want to do to other women. Ergo, we don’t “sell” we “share.”

However, that isn’t quite right, either.

If you get paid when someone else buys what you point them to, whether they buy it from the trunk of your car, the company warehouse, or a catalogue, you are making a sale. Unless you are giving it away, you are selling, ladies.

But you don’t have to push and high-pressure others to buy what they don’t need or want.

It means that you are looking for people who want to buy your product, and you are going to let them buy it IF there’s a match between what you have, and what they might be looking for. And for that, the world pays you.

After all, doesn’t everyone want to buy stuff they really want? And someone has to sell it to them, don’t they?

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