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ONE thing a master marketer has learned to do…

Buyers waiting for iPhone 6 We don’t want to be “sold”.

 We want to buy. (Like these folks lined up for the iPhone 6)


So here’s what master marketers have learned to do:

They’ve figured out how to make it THEIR idea to buy from you.

Those who master this are paid millions.  Yep.

How do you engineer the presentation so the customer

feels like SHE made the decision to BUY?  Like it was HER idea? 

1) Position yourself in the other person’s mind as an authority who can and will help.  And 

2) Demonstrate this by actually helping the person BEFORE you make your product, business, or coaching offer.

Here’s one (of thousands of ) ways…

I have a scripting program – teaching network marketers how to sound like normal people (instead of techno babble kings and queens) –  to help them relate better to other people when they’re talking about their business

Before I offer this class, I’d offer some tips someone can use, RIGHT NOW, to help them get the attention of others when they want to talk about their business.

Here’s one such tip. 

Archie:  So Lulu, what do you do? 

Lulu: Oh, I have my own business! What do YOU do?

 That’s it. Say nothing else.  Nothing.

(No, not the name of the company, the product, or the usual “amazing” etc. verbiage.

Just. Those. Words.

In 9 of 10 situation, Archie will go, “Um wait…What’s your business?”

Archie is now “leaning in.”  Paying attention.   

Whoever can get the attention of another wins the marketing game.

 This is a way to do that, in ANY conversation where someone asks you,

“What do you do?” 

See how that works?  

I teach something I know, I suggest they (you) test it, and when it works,  they’ll be back and go, “Um, so what’s the next thing I should say?”

So what do you know how to do, related to your business, that you can pass on to someone, so they can prove to themselves that what you can do, WORKS for them?


Talk soon,


PS I actually DO offer a program showing how to engineer this.. And when you master this kind of marketing, you will build a business that can sustain you and your family.  Would that be worth it? 

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