Part 3: I sell a weight loss program but I am still overweight. What should I say?

Part Two of Learn to Sell (What should I sell to make the most money?) is here.

Here’s what Lulu did when faced with a skeptical crowd…

Leave ’em hankering for more…Easier said than done. Sigh

P.S. I’m still learning how to make cartoon videos, so any thoughtful comments are welcome. Print alone just gets so boring, doesn’t it?

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  • Thanks, Robin!

    I feel like Lulu doing these – only JUST beginning and I have 200 pounds to go. I posted this without announcing it, because I'm still a little nervous because it's of course not perfect yet, or even all that good yet, you know?

    But I figure if I put it out there anyway, and a few people see it, and are nice like you, and not like Lulu's audience, well, my brain will be encouraged to do more…


  • This is a great tip Kim! A lot of people I know sell such products, but aren't sure how to begin if they are still not *quite* where they want to be weight wise! I learned a lot thank you!


  • YOU have 200 pounds to go? Boy that makes me feel good. Thank you.

    I've lost 45 pounds and have about 200 to go too. Confidence to tell others is hard – especially when you have someone in your down line saying "Peggy, you'll never be able to do the business well until you've lost your excess weight".

    Thank you, Kim, for that confidence booster….

  • Hi Peggy!

    When I said "I feel like Lulu doing these – only JUST beginning and I have 200 pounds to go." I was referring to the video creation goal – not my personal weight. Don't let that depress you – it's just another thing in my life where I have a looong way to go. You keep on keeping on, girl!

    Hey Bones!

    Yep I learned about that site and have a little video there that I'm almost finished with. I'll give you a link if you're interested.

    Are you using that site?

  • Kim, a picture IS worth a thousand words! What you painted for us is that THE TRUTH SELLS! We're looking for the right ones, the ones with vision, and telling people we are not where we want to be yet, but this is how far we've come, and then let the story pull in the right people…that's what you've been teaching us for years! Great job! Loved it! Thanks so much….Blessings, Annie Bowlby

  • Hi Annie:

    You wrote: "telling people we are not where we want to be yet, but this is how far we've come, and then let the story pull in the right people"

    Yep. AND be the one to say goodbye first. Walk away without looking back. Suddenly, the right ones start howling…

    "Ohhh, so do you know anyone?" hehehehehe.

  • That's a fine video, Kim. Simple and serves the purpose. I love the humorous audio effects.

    I sell weight loss products, too, but my credibility challenge is that I have never been overweight. So maybe people figure, "What does he know about losing weight — He's naturally skinny?" What they may not believe is that I have had notable benefits from my company's products in resisting cravings for unhealthy foods.

    But how does one show that?

    I expect your readers know how hard it is to lose weight, but have they ever thought that it is just as difficult to establish good habits and mindset to prevent gaining excess weight in the first place?

    Any thoughts on how to demonstrate success due to my products and not my heredity? Show pictures of my large diabetic grandmothers?

  • @Paul Kemp – I know exactly where you are coming from! I've never been overweight – could have added a few pounds. I do market a fat burn program and have done better than I ever expected because I focus on the "real food" and the different cycles of weight loss.

    Don't market your products as weight loss if that doesn't fit you. Market it as a product that helps to manage food cravings and then you can say how YOU feel healthier, have energy, can pass on the Friday donuts etc. after using the product.

    The huge benefit for me has been my 12-year-old son learning and teaching others what real food is and telling everyone why we eat what we do. Kids are like a sponge and he has lived my journey with the fat burn cycles and foraging for real food. Do you have kids or teens that fit somewhere with your product?

    Lastly my HUGE benefit and a major true life story – During one of the cycles I stopped a 30 plus year smoking habit! Now that had nothing to do with fat burn or weight loss – it was 100% healthy habit. SO of course I'm asking for smokers who have tried 87 times to quit and want to try one last time…

    Paul, I suggest you focus on controling cravings for junk food. How many people do you think have that problem and have looked for info? I did this Google search for control craving for food: About 2,360,000 results (0.36 seconds)

    So there you go – your hot button – control cravings for junk food.

    Good luck Paul

  • I also sell weight loss products and I lost a lot of weight in only 3 months, but I was still not a Size 4 like most people think you should be (I have never been a Size 4, even when I was Age 4!) Then I had an accident leaving me laid up for 3 years recovering so I am now picking up where I left off. So I carry my before/during pictures with me to show when I share my story. And when we do events, we wear name tags with this added below our name: "I HAVE LOST ___ INCHES IN ____ DAYS!" so that people can clearly see that we are in the process of losing and I wear another name badge on my other side with my before/during picture on it so people can immediately see that my products are working! I also put those photos on the back of my business card! You don't have to be a skinny model to sell weight loss products – you just have to demonstrate that your products work and that they are working on YOU! And if you ARE a skinny model with nothing to lose, then you need a team member to use as your spokesmodel. I hope these tips help!

  • Hi Kim,
    The cartoon video is very, very impressive. Creative marketing at its best. I don;t do weight loss but I do do marketing and your site is just great. It has caused me to think about creating cartoon marketing campaigns for my own business.

    Thank you and best wishes


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