"Pet products and skin care don’t seem to match…"

There’s a gal names Frances, who loves her dogs and wanted higher quality food then what she could get at the regular store.
So she went shopping at Network Marketing Central.

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After she’d cruised around the site searching for someone who marketed healthy pet products, she emailed Ann, a member of the NMC community.

(To do that yourself, go to the site here and enter pet products in the search box at the top left. A random selection of delightful looking folks comes up. Or go to the SEARCH DIRECTORY and select a pet food or pet product line).

Anyway, here’s what Frances wrote Ann…

“Hi Ann,

We’re both on NMC and I searched pet products. I picked you because you had a pic with your dog and because you didn’t list skin care, etc with pet products (even if you carry both), because they just don’t seem to match.

Anyway, I’m interested in finding out about pet foods. Have 4 rescue dogs, 8 to 10 years old, 11 lbs. to 45/55 lbs! Thanks
Frances G”

After talking to Ann, Frances decided she wanted to market those products too, so she signed up with Ann.

Ask yourelf, if you needed something important and special, like heart surgery, would you go to a cardiologist or a general practitioner?

When something matters, we all focus on finding someone who specializes in that one thing, because they love it madly, rather than someone who seems to be a jack of all trades.

Network marketers who specialize in their favorite products will have the best chance to win over a customer with that same concern. Who knows where that can lead AFTER the first date? (“What else do you have?”)

If you come across as offering too many kinds of products and services “that don’t seem to match” you will not get the business of someone looking for something special. After all, they can go to WalMart to find tons of regular unmatched stuff.

BONUS of specializing: The more something matters to a person, the less price sensitive they are. They don’t say “That’s too expensive.”
DOWNSIDE of specializing: You have to lead with ONE thing that matters to you. Like a cardiologist. So in case someone looking for that can find you and trust you know your stuff.

P.S. Tip to NMC members: Don’t put too much into your “What I market” profile. Get more than one profile if you have more than one thing you specialize in, and they don’t “match.”

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  • Pets are People Too!


    Actually I don’t think I am listed online, but I happen to sell skin care and pet products together.

    Since I sell certified organic skin care products that target people who are looking to live a chemical free life – I additionally wanted to offer something for those who have family members who happen to be furry with four legs.

    I feel that since the pet care company that I represent offers nutritional products that are chemical free, they are a beautiful match with the skin care line. People who don’t want to put chemicals on their skin or into their mouths, generally don’t want to put chemicals onto or into their pets either.

    The world is going organic to protect the planet and all who inhabit it. To me it only makes sense that families would be looking for organic and natural options across the board.

    Organically Yours,

    Candy Loya

  • I certainly see your point.

    But for some people, they don’t match. So for those where they do, you’ll have a match.

    I bet there are enough to go around.

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