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Planting seeds

Did you ever watch kindergarteners plant a seed and put the little pots in the classroom window?

Some of the kids just add some water every other day.
And some of them, well, they stick their little fingers inside
the dirt – feeling for some proof that the thing is actually there
and growing bigger.

Because. They can’t see anything coming out of the dirt yet.
Then the teacher has to tell them to stop, or they will harm the seed
and have to start all over.

Planting seeds is what we do. Each time you do a demo, you have
planted a seed.

In our current 5-Day-Run there are folks who have made 121 dials
in one day, to warm market. (No one has lost a friend or in any way
put their relationships at risk).

As a result, most do 5-10 demos PER day, one on one (over the phone,
on the computer).

Yes, each day.

Sometimes a member wonders why why they can’t yet see big results yet
(even though everyone is getting customers). So I remind them of this story…

With each demo, you have planted a seed. Some of them are growing
out there, but you can’t see it.

Just like the kindergarteners’ little plants are growing, but they’re
still below the surface.

And here’s what else my members might not know.

Some seeds will be picked off by the birds. Some fell on shallow ground.
Some had thorny surroundings (the pukies).

Bottom line: Keep seeding around you. A few are FOR SURE growing.
They’re the ones who call you back “out of the blue” two weeks later to
say they’re ready.

That’s happened to me hundreds of times in my past MLM building life.
And now.

People I talked to the week I decided to build myself a new little heap –
four months ago – call or text 3-4 weeks later: “I’m ready! Can you sign me up now?”


Keep seeding. Let the little plants grow on their own time. For sure, if you
stick your finger in and dig it up too soon, well, you know what will happen.

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