Whose Bad Habits?

Whose Bad Habits?

Lulu has joined the business. It’s been 60 days, and she’s
not doing well. Actually, she’s not doing it at all.

Her upline – and the usual trainers – stand ready to tell the newbie
how they’re screwing up. Sample:

Your problems (you loser you) are:

1. Scared of the phone
2. Don’t learn the skill set required to succeed
3. Don’t invest in the business or in yourself

But. At the opp meeting where Lulu signed up, what she heard is:

“It’s just like telling your friends about your favorite movie or restaurant.
What could be easier? You just get paid to recommend now, that’s all!

“Make your list of friends and call them ALL!”

So Lulu calls her friends. The first few say no. Some say a bit more.

Based on what she was given to believe above, why would
she want to make more calls to her precious contacts?
(Remember most folks coming into MLM have no previous
business experience, most are women, and they’re part time.)

Who’s really got the bad habit here? The upline recruiters who tell
her such nonsense, or Lulu?

Lulu also hears this at the opp meeting:

2. “The product sells itself. Everyone will want this!”

Given that, what’s to learn? WHAT skill set??
Oh, NOW you tell me?

3. Same as 2 above. If “it sells itself and everyone will want it”
why do I have to invest in myself or the business?

I wonder who’s got the bad habits – or the bad attitude.

Instead of immediately blaming the “do-nothing downline”
try this: Observe first what you say to “get” the other person
to say yes.

Here’s a rule I have used: If what you say to promote
your business has not been true in your own experience
(“it’s easy, the product sells itself,” etc.) pause before saying it.

(Has it really been easy?  Did everyone want the product and buy?)

If it has not been true for you, in your own honest experience,
very likely it’s not true for others either. And. Very likely it won’t be
true for the person standing before you, either.

Shall we take the beam out of our own eye before fixating on
the splinter in theirs?

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Kim Klaver


  • Sounds like my first Amway -Pause for gasp- meeting – I loved it – pause for second even bigger gasp- (and still love the products) *hangs head in shame*, but my prospects ran for the hills! lol!

    I have gotten over trying to beat the old horse and am busy with advertising traditional business, non-profits and MLM peeps with branded browsers…

    At the end of the day I wonder at those who do get it right – why doesn’t their success filter down?

    I am still learning, and the best advice I have got up to date is “don’t be afraid to ask someone who is looking for something more” since most aint and “its not about you”…

  • So if you have been unsuccessful at getting people to join or buy, or when they ask how much have you made in the year you’ve been involved and that number is low – what’s the best thing to say?

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