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  • To say that customers instead of reps is a cop-out is ridiculous!

    When you can signup 100 people to USE the product for every ONE person that wants to sell it, I think it’s a cop-out to NOT train our downline on HOW to sell customers!

    If I can get folks to USE my product I will make money. As long as I am making money I will be here long enough to actually SPONSOR someone and build a busines!

  • Doesn’t every successful business have a strong customer base? That’s is what we have been learning here, right? I feel as though I am copping out sometimes though in that I’m having trouble even selling my product and give it away more times than sell it, and feel as though I should focus on recruiting someone just to make up for the lost time or effort in trying to get customers. Bad me, I know, but hopefully I will get better at getting customers and won’t feel as though I have to do as all the ‘heavy hitters’ are doing that are now joining our business.

    It is one thing to have a passion for your product and another thing to be able to sell it or get a customer. Getting customers that would be repeat customers, refer others for the product, and yes…in time…possibly join as well, would make me personally feel a whole lot better than recruiting folks that eventually just disappear into the MLM ‘wasteland’.

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