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  • Interesting that the answers were 60% to 40% in favor of getting customers as what the women who responded ARE DOING NOW. And, went to 50%/50% as to what they’d prefer to do.

    I wonder….. is that because women have been convinced by the “suits in front of the room” that what they SHOULD be doing to be successful is “recruiting”. But what they really enjoy is “getting customers and helping people.”

    I think this is something we really need to talk about.


  • I think it’s because all the people who are out there in the industry, training, coaching, marketing their killer “How I made millions in network marketing” strategies are people who built networks of people. While retailing is an excellent business, as far as I’m concerned, the really big money and the really big people, have come up via recruiting. I certainly would love to build a network of likeminded people, all working towards helping other people. I’d LOVE an army of environmental sleuths out there, saving people from their own toxic environments. I never signed up to be the Lone Ranger. I loved the idea of working with people who cared about the same things I do. I still do. I’ve just found the reality much different than the recruitment letter that brought me in.

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