Sales pitch relief bill, anyone?

Sales pitch: Ranting and raving about the wonders of your product, and predicting what it will do for the other person, plus a little techno babble, like cellular level enzymatic functioning. Rattled off by the person selling it, non-stop, in a hyperventilated state.

Sales pitch relief: Relieving the consumer of the endless barrage of sales pitches about products and opportunities, which they can’t stand to hear anymore (think Do Not Call List). Stamp out the sales pitch fluff and replace it with an authentic story instead. Preferably your own.

Sales pitch relief bill: Sponsored by Kim Klaver. Whereas: Every sales and marketing rep who has had it with fluffy sales pitches themselves hereby agrees to commit to replacing this intolerable language with their own personal, authentic story, and will tell THAT to a consumer instead.

If you support this idea, and will commit to making it happen by replacing your own sales pitch with a personal story instead, post a Reply and say “I will dump my sales pitch and replace it with my story!”

Then go ahead and post your old pitch and your new story in the Comments section. You can use pages 64-127 of the “If My Product’s So Great…” book to help you. See how others react to a real story for once. What if you get real interest in response to your real story?

Imagine that.

If My Book

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  • Hi Kim
    I have a large network marketing business that I have developed over the past 6 years – and it was all built on the ‘story-telling’ and educational model. I never once thought I was ‘doing sales’ – and I still don’t think that.

    That’s why I find it so limiting when some people say – “oh, I can’t build a business, I’m not a sales person” Well, guess what – neither am I!

    Thanks for your reminder on that issue!

  • Hey Kim! I repent for saying there’s no money in customers! I had always told my story, but your book helped to make it even more impactful. Hope you like my First Date Script:

    I market a product for women who are drained and worn down by the middle of the day like I used to be.

    I would have to take a two hour nap with my kids every day and still could barely keep up with my two daughters or the house work. I wouldn’t even have the “desire” for “alone” time with my husband. I tried energy drinks, diet pills, coffee, you name it! They’d give me a little bit of a pick me up, but I’d also get that jittery feeling. Then if I went more than a couple of hours without a “fix” I’d have that horrible come down and feel worse than I did before taking it. So nothing really seemed to make a difference.

    So then I tried this product, and almost right away I began to feel better. Now I don’t need to take those midday naps, I keep up with the girls and the housework just fine now, and for the first time since the birth of my second child, I now have the “desire” to spend “alone” time with my husband.

    Do you know anyone who might want to know about a product like that?

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