Should you buy guru Ryan Deiss’s Program?

“Here’s how you dominate a niche…
even if you’re not an expert…”

Have you gotten the emails on this? The quote is the main pitch for this week’s launch of Ryan Deiss’s money-making business program.
Should you buy it or pass?

From the pitch page here:

“How I Own Multiple Online Businesses In Multiple Markets…

    • WITHOUT ever being the expert
    • WITHOUT being the “idea guy”
    • WITHOUT creating any content…period!

If you think you need to be an expert or have one of those “Million Dollar Ideas” before you can start an online business…


Link to the free report and video here.

Can you really dominate a niche and not be an expert? Sounds like the pitch is designed to persuade dummies, lazy types or total newbies, right? Someone who thinks they don’t know a lot. And want to make money anyway.

In a way though, you CAN dominate a niche and not be an expert.

But it’s not easy or fast, or for lazy types. Guru Ryan Deiss’s business model here is that of a publisher. Think Doubleday or Houghton Mifflin, who publish books and CDs created by niche experts. Only this is online. With websites (or digital audios or books) instead of physical books or CDs.

He’ll show you how to become the publisher of niche experts – online.

Sounds cool, yes?

WARNING. You do not become an online (or offline) publisher overnight. So you better love it so you stay the course to master it.

To make Ryan’s business model work for yourself, you have to learn a few things:

1. How to become an online publisher. Someone needs to create compelling websites that offer the niche product being sold. Either you do that or you buy a Landing Page program or hire someone to do that.

2. You need to select niches that have a “hungry” market that is NOT being fed enough by other product and program creators. “Hungry niches” are one part of the great unknown. Another is how to get these hungry buyers to discover AND buy from you (your niche expert). Keyword research alone requires careful and prolonged experimentation and testing. Establishing endorsement relationships is also a slow process.

3. You need to find experts (could be great fun) who want to be published by you, online. Especially undiscovered talent. Just like a regular publisher does. Of course you can also find more established authors or artists. However, because they are established, they’ll be looking for similarly established “publishers”. So if you go there, you’ll need to be ready to demonstrate you are ready for the big time with you existing publishing websites.

4. Regardless of which niche and experts you choose, it’s not guaranteed to bring in more money than it cost to set it up. Not for a while, anyway. Most offline publishers lose money on 80% of their publications. They make it up on a few big hits. Just like movie studios. While investment in a website isn’t as expensive as buying printing presses, you will be spending many hours on it if you want to make something people notice online.

As with any business, you’ll need to love some part of it, you’ll need some luck AND oodles of patience.

Should you buy Ryan’s publishing program?

This program is for someone who wants to be an online publisher of other experts. It’s not fast money. And not an easy career path. But then, no business model works without the slow, dull heave of your effort. And your investment of more money and lots of tlc.

If you have always loved the idea of being a publisher – of the expertise of others – where you share the income your venture with your niche-expert partner, then this is the program for you. Ryan has mastered this profession online. There is no better program and person to guide you than Ryan D, who has done it and continues to do it himself.

If not, pass.

P.S. If you find these “Guru Money-Making Program of the Week” reviews helpful, I’ll continue to do them as I have time. Let me know.

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  • Yes PLEASE….continue to review these types of offers. IF you are looking for what they are offering, then they are great. But sometimes we have no idea WHAT they are REALLY offering…and that’s why we look to you!

  • Please add a resounding YES….please keep on giving us your opinion/comments on the offers.They ALL sound sooo good.. and some ARE deceiving as how much experience, time, needed to really do whatever it is.
    A voice of reason is needed for sure.

  • Continue, Kim, to take your eye of scrutiny to these programs. We need more reviews that ask the hardball questions and analysis.

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