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Show Me the Money

Years ago, my old friend (and now top producer at Xocai) Paula Pritchard told me:

“Kim, the money’s in the SHOW.”

That was to let us know that ‘the show’ is what (eventually) gets you someone who wants it as much or more than you.

And many little players and customers in between.

Nope, it’s not your persuasive skills.

If you’re personally totally sold on the thing
you’re marketing, do this:

Each day, keep right on showing and telling.
And ask each one if they know someone who…

Do that every single day, every which way, online and off.

Because. The right ones will say yes. On their own.
I did, every time. No one ever had to persuade or
convince me in any of the companies I’ve built
in the past. If I liked what I saw, and thought I
could promote it, I did it.

My current company – well, I contacted the guy whom
I wanted as a sponsor. He didn’t even know I might be looking.
(I didn’t either, hehehe.) We are out here. We will find you if we
can. But meanwhile…

Do enough shows each day – 1 AT LEAST – for the next year.
And you will find many customers, some little AND maybe
one bigger banana.

NOTE. The more shows you do per day, the less time it
will take.

Say it takes 1,000 shows to build a little business
throwing off $500/mo. How long do you want to take to
do your 1,000 shows?

At 1/day, it’ll be about three years. At 5/day, it will be
200 days. So YOU decide how long you want it to take.

18 years later, what Paula Pritchard told me is still true:

The money’s in the show.

Thanks, girl.

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Kim Klaver


  • Thank you. You are so solid. So much information today. Be persistent in what you believe and act on it and you will prosper. Like the other guy said, Don’t let anyone steal your dream.

    Thank you again. God bless you and your family and prosper them this coming year.

  • Just finished reading Beach Money and nearly done with Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Looking forward to at LEAST One a day, aiming for 4. Praying for 10!!

    Thank you being who you are!!!

  • With my product, it is in the Experience of the is unbelievable until you experience it, . That is what I guessed…similar to “The Show” I guess. Thanks for the numbers, as many of my new peeps want to know how many “experiences” they need to do per day/week/month to make $XXX . per year. This gives them an idea of how many people they need to talk to each day.
    Love your wisdom and experience..

  • My biggest problem is recruiting and Business Opportunity Meetings.
    I cannot get myself to tell people 2X2=4X2=8 etc, because that figures I have never seen work in my 30yrs in Direct Marketing and Is my subconscious not changed yet? MLM on internet is not so effective in South Africa our firm limits us to local recruiting and selling. I am in the seventies and I think I am to stuck still to my believes. I have tapes of yours of early direct selling, that was fantastic How to Build a Giant Heap and it helped me a lot, and programs I bought but I am still struggling with presentations. Must I just use the one to one method? It goes so slow.Regards

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