General Present Secrets

“Talk to people. Talk to people. Talk to people.”

I’ve heard that a thousand times.  You?  But.
Does anyone ever give you something cool to say?

This WED, at 6PM Pacific (9PM ET) I’m doing a live
elevator pitch jam session.

Bring your story, (your before and after, or your REASON for
using your product or service, or why you’re really doing your business)
and we’ll help you turn it into a juicy little elevator pitch of 30 seconds
or less.

Since I have limited space, I’d appreciate it if you’d sign up
for the class (no charge) – if you plan to come.

Check out the RIGHT RAIL here. Half way down. See the
GREEN BOX that says:

Elevator Pitch
Jam Session

Sign up there please.
I may or may not record the session.

PS Did you see the brand new Mini Art of Recruiting program?
What to say when you don’t know what to say. $9 here.Could
help you prepare for the elevator pitch jam session.

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