Half Truths Know Thyself Reinvent Recruiting

Should you be doing MLM?

Ponder this and you’ll know –

There are no guarantees of when or even IF you will succeed –
when you start your own business. That includes MLM.
Because. Success depends on many things. And believe it or
not (gasp), some of them are outside of your control.

Experienced entrepreneurs know these two things. Did you?

Steve Jobs didn’t know if anyone else would buy his Apple
computer. He never knew, until they actually did.
Any start up group puts an enormous amount of money
and time into it before they will find out if “their audience”
will buy. Are you in love enough with your mission to
do that?  And be patient while you perfect your marketing

You cannot know the outcome of your MLM business before you start.
It may be months or years before you make any real income.
You will for sure meet obstacles you never expected. Each day. Often,
many times a day.

Can you live with that?

Is the reason you started your business meaningful enough
to you that you’d keep doing it, anyway?  (Like almost every uber
entrepreneur has said about their thing?)

PS “The money” reason is apparently not meaningful enough for
most, judging by the massive drop out rates. So think of something
more meaningful, something that drives you to jump out of bed
each morning.

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Kim Klaver


  • Hi Kim,
    I am submitting this to help your research.
    believe I don’t understand MLM. I don’t understand the compensation plan. Joining Lifewave was just to get a discount because I benefited from their product. Two years ago I got my eyesight back. I thank God and the inventor David Schmidt. Ever since than i have shared these patches to everyone I meet. I have patched a dying woman get her life back or someone suffering from both chronic and severe pain got relieved, and more testimonials I can even write a book Today an 85 year old lady suffering from hip and buttock pain, ask me to help her but to be gentle. Few minutes later she yelled and I ask her of her pain. She said pain was sucked away. She praised and thank God. This is the reason why I love what I do.

    Do I like what I’m doing? I love to patch. It is a passion and a mission. When I’m asked about the compensation plan I just refer them to the company’s website because i still dont understand it. Are there any obstacles? For those not interested I feel sorry for them specially those who are suffering.

    Is MLM for me? I will continue what I’m doing I.e. helping others. Am I interested to get money? Of course so I can buy more patches so I can help more people.

  • Hi Kim,
    Parhaps this should be made a compulsory addition to every ad. placed by the “get rich without doing anything” or “sign here and you can buy the Ferrari” snake oil salesmen out there.
    Best regards,

  • Ms Stud:

    Yes,It is hard but taking orders from someone is like living in jail for me. So, i will continue to learn and struggle until I figured it out.

  • Thanks for the reminder to keep my eyes on the goal. What do I want to accomplish? I am like Amy, I just want to help others feel better and help their body heal. I can not do this if I am too involved in a struggle to survive, so the more money I make the easier it is for me to reach more folks with pain, and for me to feel I am doing what I am here to do.

  • Not only can you not know the outcome of your network marketing business before you start, you also cannot know the outcome of a traditional brick-and-mortar business before you start.

    There is a high turnover in network marketing. But a lot of small business owners go out of business every year too.

    What can make the difference is if you love what you do. You can figure out a way to hang in there when others decide to throw in the towel.

  • Kim, thanks. This is so true. I always tell my prospective team mates 1- that they have to make sure they are aligned with the company’s products, standards, marketing messages, and mission first and foremost. If they are not, they won’t do well with the business for this exact reason – the money reason alone will never be enough to create the internal motivation to get up and work each day. They would be better off finding a different network marketing company – and if I can help point them in the direction of company better suited to their interests, personality, situation, and goals, then I will. And 2 – if they decide to work with our team, I can guarantee them nothing except my commitment to being available to support them through the inevitable challenges. Thanks again, Kim, for always telling it like it is.

    • “Guarantee” my commitment to being available… assuming I don’t die or some other unforeseen circumstance arises that leaves me unable to do so. ;o)

      Just another insight into the truth that there are no guarantees in life – we’re not even guaranteed tomorrow. :o)

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